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US VC Releases - 21st January - Super Street Fighter II

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The second update to Capcom's legendary fighter Street Fighter II arrives in the US today - Super Street Fighter II introduces many new things (Including fan favourite fighter Cammy), but also removes some things from the first update - Street Fighter II Turbo. There's only one SNES Street Fighter game left now - Street Fighter Alpha 2!

It was a bit of a hard pick to decide what game to "feature" for this news article, so please don't be upset that I didn't choose today's other game, which is also great - It's Adventures of Lolo 2, which is quite obviously the sequel to the first Adventures of Lolo and once again stars Lolo and Lala (Better known as Lololo and Lalala from the Kirby series).

The two game trend continues! Check out the reviews:

Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers - SNES - 800 Wii Points

Adventures of Lolo 2 - NES - 500 Wii Points

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Pua said:

I hope SSF2 arrives in the Europe this Friday. I have been waiting for more than a year! ^^



DEMON212 said:

"It was a bit of a hard pick to decide what game to "feature" for this news article"


Like there's a hard choice between the greatest Beat 'Em Up ever and a Puzzle game that very few people seem to have ever heard of (Not saying it's bad. I don't think it's my cup of tea, but I'm just saying that SF II is amazing).



Drake said:

Well, I know there's loads of people who would prefer Adventures of Lolo to Street Fighter.



Dazza said:

Yeah namby pambies who prefer cute blue blobs because they are afraid of Fei Long's devastating Hurricane Kicks!

Seriously both are great games catering to different audiences. I do have a soft spot for Lolo 2 too!



Jolted85 said:

People, SSF2T never came out on the SNES because the SNES could not handle it, it wasn't even made, but still SSF2 is my fav SNES fighter, I have great memories of this as a child, highly recommended, they improved everything in this version, graphics, sound, and music.

Oh one more note, there is a difference between regions in the SSF2 game, music wise, Capcom changed the music in the US version to sound a little better, just letting you guys know for the ones in Europe, Japan already had it for awhile now.



mummydaddy said:

i'm pretty sure streetfighter alpha 3 was available on the snes 'cause I remember renting it from Global Video and watching out for it on ex-rental alongside DKC3.
Still at least you yanks got decent games this week and maybe you'll get 1080 next week with a bit of luck..



JNoodles said:

I actually knew this a day ago. However, my excitement is still unparalleled. Adventures of Lolo 2, I'm coming for you! I could handle Fei Long's kicks, just so you know. After Fei Long's humiliating defeat, I went to download the happy puzzler known as Adventures of Lolo 2. This event will happen approxiametely one - five weeks from now.

Don't expect me to be on much as I'm celebrating a birthday today (not mine)!

I may buy SSF2 within that time frame as well if no other good games come out by then. I'm iffy on the matter since I already have Turbo.



tnk4god said:

wonder why they have gone to the 2 game format now, hope this trend does not continue



Bass_X0 said:

The overall quality of games seem to be getting better. Not a real stinker for a while now.

I paid £79.99 for Super SFII when it first came out in america because it was a must have game for me and there was no such thing as Ebay back then. It wasn't even confirmed whether or not it would come out here in the U.K so I had to get it. I like to think I got my money's worth out of it.



ChinSpin said:

I never played adventures of lolo 1 and 2 but I have played the 3rd which is really good because me and my mom use to play it all the time.I hope it comes to the virtual console.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Lolo is pretty fun. My problem with these Street Fighter games is that they're each missing some things the others have. Super doesn't have Turbo, Turbo doesn't have the new fighters, etc. It's a shame we're unlikely to get the 3DO's Super Street Fighter II Turbo on here.



Kelvin said:

I prefer Turbo to Super; I don't think the new fighters added much of significance, and the tweaks to the existing fighters added even less. Turbo was pretty perfectly balanced, I thought, and Super was just tweaking with no real benefit.

Still a brilliant game, of course, but not as good as its predecessor.



SmaMan said:

Who cares if we don't have SSF2T on here? SSF2 HAS turbo!

On the GAME START screen, press left and right to select your speed from 0-3 stars!



Mr_Mat1 said:

Good news now we can play with Cammy!
Enough Street Fighter II ... Give us Mortal Kombat Already!!



donx998 said:

ok this is getting annoying we should get our money back this is basiclly the same as all the others just better performance. its like some guy buying another wii because it has more features. nintendo should let us buy the first vesion then when the next one comes out they should make our vc upgrade to what ever the vc seqeul is. For free



Kawaiipikachu said:

Everybody complains because there favourite is not in .
Let me say something every virtual console game i downloaded i never played before .
18 games only 2 duds for me .
Actraiser . A game i don't like but many people liked .
Mario & Yoshi . Bore ring .
I also hear about people complaining about the classic controler for N64 games .
I believe that's because people the N64 versions with a N64 controler beforehand so which because of that tue classic controler feels wrong .
The classic controler feels fine for me with the N64 games because i never played the N64 versions before .
I bet you if i download Pokémon snap & played it via classic controler it feels wrong because of what i discribe .
Well i have no need to download a copy because i got a game pak copy .



Bass_X0 said:

No Don. That never happened in the past and there is no reason to do so now. If you want to wait until the last game in the series has been released before downloading anything, fine. Thats your choice. If you want to buy each version as they are released then thats also your choice. Despite games being very close to their prequels, its still another game. And its as much effort for Nintendo to put SSFII on VC as it is SFII. So no freebies.



Pua said:

Some years ago, I didn't buy Street Fighter II Turbo because Super Street Fighter II was coming in few months. I have never bought any Street Fighter game since the VC service started because I knew sooner or later SSF2 would be available. I have been waiting for more than a year.

If some people wanted THIS game, then they should have waited for it and hadn't bought SF2 or SF2T.



ReZon said:

Glad SSFII arrived - I'll be downloading at some point. Definitely going to love SFA as well.



Kevin said:

We need to go back to three games a week and where is vectorman and the mega mans?



Boredom_v2_2 said:

I wonder what the special 200th VC game in 1-2 weeks would be. I understand the next N64 game is 1080, but i don't really want that as the 200th game. I want it to be something worth downloading (what i mean is I downloaded Zelda II when it came out and i want to download the 200th game). BTW donx998, your Ash/Naruto Avatar is Awesome!



Damo said:

Tony - I don't know if we'll see a return to the 'three game' days.

I think Nintendo has realised that it's running out of decent titles and there's still at least 3, maybe 4 years of life left in the Wii yet!



Bass_X0 said:

they need to get more consoles aboard. get the master system, 32X and Sega CD for a start. Then maybe the 3DO, the Jaguar too. The VC should be able to handle those CD games without too much memory being used.

Okay, so I agree that there aren't a huge number of must have games on those systems but there are still a few on them.

On topic, I say SSFII on SNES is a better game than Alpha 2 on SNES. Alpha 2 was too ambitious of a game to put on the SNES and suffers as a result (Alpha 1 on GBC and Alpha 3 on GBA also suffered for the same reason). SNES SSFII looks and feels a lot better as a port.

And Pua, I downloaded KoF94 for two reasons even though I'm waiting for KoF96. I never played it before and it'll pass the time until the sequel appears. By the time KoF95 (which I will end up downloading too no doubt) arrives, I'll be done with KoF94 and I will feel like I've got my moneys worth out of the download so I won't be bothered if I never play it again.



The_shoemaker said:

Not much for me. I don't really care though, I don't have enough time for games anymore. I don't even check what games come out anymore. And besides I have to many other games on my Wii I need to beat first. And I only still need to get sonic 3 and DKC3.



donx998 said:

@ bass 32X Sega CD 3DO and Jaguar? if nintendo added those we would get like 1 popular vc every 3 weeks because all of the other nonpopular vcs would be blocking the good ones



Damo said:

There's little point in bringing 3DO or Jag games to the VC.

The only decent Jag game was Tempest, and i'm hard pushed to even think of a decent 3DO title!

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