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Tetsuya Mizuguchi "Worries About Wii"

Posted by Damien McFerran

Former Sega star is wary of Nintendo’s dominance

He may have been part of Sega’s ‘golden era’ and had a part in such classic titles as Rez, Meteos and Lumines, but it would seem that videogame legend Tetsuya Mizuguchi is being kept up at night by the runaway success of the Wii.

In a recently interview with Wired, he was asked about developing for Nintendo’s best-selling console:

W: In general, maybe not this game, but what do you think about making games for the Wii?

TM: Wii is a very unique platform. I have no projects yet, but I feel it’s very unique. I’m a little bit anxious about Nintendo platforms, as Nintendo games are too strong. I’m a little bit worried about that.

W: Do you think that there’s anything that Nintendo can do to help third parties?

TM: I have no experience working with Nintendo yet, so I don’t know.

His thoughts seem to echo that of other notable figures in the industry, such as Jon Hare and Suda 51, who believe that Nintendo’s games are the only big sellers on the Wii. It has been argued that third party publishers are finding it increasing hard to turn a profit on many of their Wii projects.


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Masterless said:

"Nintendo games are too strong"
So what, yours aren't strong? Maybe they should make better "stronger" games and stop complaining.



Djack said:

I agree! stop releasing crappy mini game compilations and maybe they will sell better.



Damo said:

I think his worry is that your average Wii owner ignores third party product and just buys Nintendo games all the time. The terrible sales of Zack & Wiki and No More Heroes (in Japan, at least) would confirm this viewpoint.

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