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Revamped Site is Now Live!

Posted by Damien McFerran

VC Reviews gets an upgrade

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Your favourite Virtual Console resource has undergone something of a facelift. At first glance the cosmetic changes may seem a bit on the minor side, but it would be an understatement to say that behind the scenes the site has been revolutionized.

You’ll notice there’s now a rather swish new login system (it’s up in the top right hand corner, see?) which will quite literally rock your world. First up, when you’re fully signed up and logged in you will be able to assign yourself an avatar to give your comments that truly personal touch. Secondly, you will be able to submit comments without having to wait for us to approve them. Thirdly, you can edit your already published comments should you wish to, and last but not least, all the games you’ve given ratings to are displayed on your profile. I think you’ll agree the whole thing is pretty fantastic, and as the new site evolves you can expect other cool new features to appear that take advantage of this new system.

Who do we have to thank for all this code-related goodness? None other than Ant Dickens of Nintendo Life. He’s been a friend of Virtual Console Reviews for some time now (he even hosts the site for us) and seeing as he’s something of a whiz when it comes to web programming, we obviously jumped at the chance when he kindly offered to rework and retool the site in order to make it harder, better, faster and stronger. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Ant who has invested a considerable amount of his time to get the updated site up and running.

While we’re on the subject of dishing out thanks and accolades, we’d also like to express our gratitude to Drake, who has gone beyond the call of duty over the past few months to ensure that Virtual Console Reviews remains the number one resource for all things Virtual Console related. We’d also like to thanks Tamra Ross who provides excellent support when it comes to making sure our spelling and grammar is up to scratch.

Enjoy the new site and please don’t hesitate to provide us with feedback and let us know what you think of the changes we’ve made.

Updated: by Ant
Thanks for the warm response guys, we've taken your comments on board and will start implementing them, the most frequent comment was about avatars not refreshing when you change them, this issue should now be resolved, if you still think yours isn't updating please contact us.

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Shortay said:

Love the new site guys, great work! Can't wait to rate some more games and browse a bit more! =D



neuzd said:

The look is neat and I'm looking forward to see what these new feaures will bring.

Thank you guys!
In particular to those that aren't inside the community and worked under secret...
Nice work.



coire said:

Site looks Great. Really Brilliant. Can't wait to start rating games! Liking the Daft Punk reference in the article.



Pua said:

Loooooove the site! I didn't believe it could better than the old one, but you guys showed me I was wrong. ^^



JNoodles said:

Ah, just great. I've been waiting a long time for the use of a 'My Games' area, believe it or not. Great job.



Luigison said:

I like the new comment system and the inclusion of avatars. I wish my avatar had been kept in its original clean looking PNG format instead of being converted to lossy JPG though. Oh well.

I'd stopped commenting and rating games previously because several of my ratings went unposted. No longer. I have downloaded and played 70+ VC games and look forward to rating all of them.



antdickens said:

@neuzd, Luigison

What about our poor bandwidth bill with your huge animated GIFs? okay.. will see what I can do about this.. perhaps it'll have a max file size limit instead



jackaroo said:

Sweet new site guys. Love the new user section of it. Now i just gotta get to rating the games ive purchased



neuzd said:

There's a full range of options between "huge animated GIFs" and unpresentable JPEGs.

Really, also the banners are suffering from this.
JPEG compression is perfect for photos, a videogame website should ban jpg images.

Anyway, your interest for the matter is really appreciated.



wiiruler47 said:

umm,I just registered and I love the site and all,but...I don't know how to get a picture for the forums and stuff.I put in a pic in the edit profile thingy but it's not showing up when I post



Atlantis1982 said:

Would also be nice to see other people's game selection as well, but as I mentioned earlier; this is fine.



ChinSpin said:

You Guys are the best keep up the good work and keep thinking of ways to make the site better.



ChinSpin said:

due can you add gifs as your avatar? And how long do you have to wait before your avatar is uploaded when you choose it?



HVGN_Nerd said:

does anyone know when ur avatar shows up? you do upload it from your own comp and not a website right? mine is exactly 60 x 60 is there a size limit?



Dazza said:

@HVGN - You just need to refresh the page with CTRL + F5 and you should see your shiny new avatar.



Will said:

Ah, its all so pretty now! And you can see my beautiful face too! Outstanding!



neuzd said:

Hey, is HVGN really Derek?
Man, you're the only AVGN spoof that makes sense.
Your reviews are fun and educational.
Come in the forums!



KhaoShar said:

Yay, real avatars! No more waiting till postings are approved And real emote smileys, too



Yoshi175 said:

It won't let me keep my old posts (I changed email adress since I made them)
edit: cool changes though



JNoodles said:

(...Wow. People are still posting here eh?) Yup, I agree that the real avatars are great!



Dazza said:

@Yoshi175 - if you email us on the contact form with details of your old email address we should be able to assign your old comments into your new account without too much trouble.



The_shoemaker said:

wow glad to see so many people joined up! The site is so much better. The just love the instant posting of my comments.



ejamer said:

Nice work on the redesign. The site was already good, so improvement like this is just icing on the cake...

Some small comments:
(1) the genre filter doesn't work on the games page
(2) will there still be a Wii-compatible version of the website?
(3) Bomberman '93 needs to have the number of players set



Dazza said:

@ejamer - thanks for the feedback, glad you like the new site!

1) Fixed! Well spotted
2) What do you expect to be different on a 'Wii compatable' version of the site? We tested the new site on a Wii and think that it all worked perfectly fine.
3) Well spotted again! Fixed!



Luigison said:

Could you add a controller drop-down for the filter? I'd like to be able to see all the games that use the Wiimote on one page.



Dazza said:

@Luigison - There isn't really a need for that is there? As a rule most NES, TG16 and MD games.can be played on the Wiimote and generally not the other consoles.



Luigison said:

That "rule" is not always true. On the Neo Geo: Art of Fighting, Baseball Stars 2, Blue's Journey, Magician Lord, The King of Fighters, and Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy all use the Wiimote. There are also several Sega Megadrive games, such as Virtua Fighter 2, that don't use the Wiimote.



Dazza said:

Fair point but we don't have any space for more filters! I am afraid you'll have to click into the review page to get this info for the time being



Luigison said:

To save your bandwidth for avatars, couldn't you let people host their own avatars?

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