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Retro Studios Working On New Zelda?

Posted by Damien McFerran

Rumour mill enters overdrive

We must stress this is a rumour with a capital ‘R’, but a story has come to our attention that suggests that US development house Retro Studios, better known as the chaps behind the successful Metroid Prime trilogy, is currently working on a new Zelda title that could be announced as early as E3.

It’s probably unwise to comment either way at this stage but given the sterling work Retro managed to do with Metroid, we certainly wouldn’t be against the team being handed the opportunity to give Link a similarly new lease of life.


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motang said:

Well...hmm I don't what to say about this I would have really loved to see them bring back Raven Blade. Well we gonna have to wait and see what comes out of their creative hands.



HiPNoTyQ said:

i swear to god... if Retro studios takes another of my favorite franchises and ruins it with a first person perspective, i am going to KILL someone



HiPNoTyQ said:

shigeru miyamoto himself was the one that stated "Twilight Princess will be the last Zelda of its kind" which is the thing that really worries me... Zelda can not be in first person please god no

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