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Original Smash Bros Coming to VC?

Posted by Damien McFerran

The eagerly awaited Wii release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl may have been delayed slightly but fans are busy filling the time from now until March by getting all excited about the possibility of the original N64 game making its way to the Virtual Console.

The cause of this excited chatter is the latest issue of Nintendo Power, which apparently features intense speculation on the subject (hardcore Virtual Console fanatics will be all too aware of how adept Nintendo Power seems to be at generating interesting rumours).

We’ve yet to see the issue in question so we can’t comment either way, but it certainly would make a great deal of sense for Nintendo release the game around the same time as Brawl.

In the meantime, if anyone can provide a scan of the Nintendo Power issue in question (or at least clarify what the magazine is saying), then please feel free to contact us!

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Storyteller said:

It would just make good sense from a marketing standpoint to release the original in sync with Brawl. I've been telling my friends for months that the original Smash would be released on the VC close to Brawl and the original Mario Kart would also find its way there when Mario Kart Wii is graciously unleashed. Not only does it make sense to do it but just look at recent history. Super Metroid came out when Metroid Prime 3 was released and was that Super Mario Bros. 3 I saw available for download right before Galaxy hit store shelves. I think it was.

The fans want to see it and there won't be a better time to give it to us until the next Smash Bros. game comes out and we've waited over six years already for Brawl. Go ahead and call this a done deal. I've got 1000 points waiting.



Damo said:

The thing is, will people really want to play the original when the Wii version is out? The gameplay isn't exactly that much different is it?

Good point about Mario Kart as well...I wonder if that's why Nintendo has been holding back the SNES version...



N64_Gamer said:

Now would be a very good time to release the original Smash Brothers on the VC, to accelerate excitement for Brawl.



Cotter said:

I just want them to add some online multiplayer features to the original smash. I play my 64 version everyday and online using prjoect64k but its a hassle sometimes. There are a surprising amount of online players that would love this kind of feature.



Dazza said:

Its a no brainer to put this on the VC when Smash Bros Brawl hits the Wii soon. I would expect it exactly one week before as with Super Metroid & Corruption.



Storyteller said:

It's a perfectly valid question Damo and after thinking about it I may have a couple answers for you:
1) Nostalgia. Especially with Ninendo fans nostalgia is a definitely a factor.
2) Retro-exclusive content. None of the stages nor any of the four unlockable characters in the N64 smash have been officially confirmed for Brawl. Granted that fact is likely to change very soon but It's still very possible to see one or two things in the original that you can't get with Brawl.
3) Debate resolution. Some people may feel that thier favorite character doesn't pack the same punch in Melee or Brawl as they did back in '99 and if they only had the original version they would wipe the floor with you. That's when you fire up the N64 Smash and show them just how wrong they are.
That's all I've got and I know I can't vouch for everyone but those reasons would be enough for me to spend the points on it.

One last point on Super Mario Kart. I do think they're waiting for Mario Kart Wii to come out but Nintendo has released so many great games in the past year on the VC and I think they now realize they need to start pacing themselves a little as well. They still have many years worth of games to release and if they use up all of thier marquis titles early then who knows what might happen? I think that's another reason why they're waiting on so many other fan favorites.



Damo said:

I think you're 100% correct about the pacing, which is why we're seeing two games a week instead of three, which was the norm last year. Nintendo are obviously aware that they have a few more years left in the Wii and blowing all the best games early isn't the best idea.



Ron_Prower said:

I took a look through the newest Nintendo Power, I'm assuming is the one featuring the Sonic RPG game. I did not see anything specifically mentioning it in either their VC review/news area or the section they keep dedicated to Brawl.

I'm assuming that they will release the original game in time. The problem most people will have though is that the gameplay in the original game is a lot slower and the movesets for most characters are low. I think the majority of us that had it on the N64 will probably pick it up for the memories.

Super Mario Kart, I don't know personally about that one. Most people don't even know that there was a Mario Kart for the SNES let alone it was the original game. They all know Kart 64 and with that one already it may not get released at all.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Ron Prower:
The passage from N-Power in question can be found in Pulse. It was a response to a reader's letter. And they are 100% correct. Given the history of the VC thus far, it seems unthinkable that they'd miss the opportunity to sell an N64 game to thousands upon thousands of fans (maybe far more). Then again, this is the same company that never bothered to localize Mother 3, so you can't assume they'll do anything just because it makes sense. Keep on hoping, though, because this is too likely to ignore!



Bass_X0 said:

they should have gave it to us early december to make up for the delays of Brawl.



Pua said:

I had it on the N64 and, of course, I will be getting it the day it comes. No doubt. ^^

As for Mario Kart, I'm nearly sure it will be released someday. It would be a dumb move not doing so.



Atlantis1982 said:

Much people like the retro stuff, but I just don't see this release really being beneficial to Nintendo when gamers are going to pick up Brawl, and have (censored)-ton of more stuff.



JNoodles said:

I'm ready for the original Smash to come out. I have some great memories of the game... You can bet I'll be buying it the minute the game comes out! I don't care if Brawl comes out or not, each game has its own feel making them all playable.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

I'll come out and say that I'm pumped for Brawl, but I wouldn't VC the original Smash game. Brawl will be enough for me.

Let me mitigate this by saying that I'll immediately get the original SNES Mario Kart when it comes to the VC, so the retro effect certainly exists, it just depends on the gamer.

And Ron, I think it depends on what circles you hang out in! Everyone I know is a drooling SNES Mario Kart fanatic, and the ones that know there was even an N64 version of the game think it sucks.



Shortay said:

I would love to play Smash Bros. on the VC, even though I have it for the N64 still. Unlocking all the characters in anticipation for Brawl would be great.



Bass_X0 said:

I really have a feeling Smash Bros. 64 won't be available on VC by the time Brawl is released. But I'm usually wrong and I hope I am on this.



Link_O_Fett said:

Smash Bros. is one of the great N64 titles in my opinion. It seems like just yesterday me and my friend were playing this game in his room. I'd really like to relive some good memories. ADD THIS GAME TO THE VC PLEASE!!



Keith said:

I don't know if I would purchase this. I have the original on the N64 and it works fine. And I don't know if I want to spend 10 bucks on a game I already have. But I might get swept up in all the hype like what happened with OoT. Still need to think though.



ReZon said:

With any luck, they'll drop it the week before Brawl's release date (whenever that ends up being )



Mario1 said:

this game is awesome, but not nearly as good as melee. if people haven't played a smash bros before and want to try one out, they should get the melee version. but that's just me.



Will said:

I remember getting melee with the purchase of my cube and was completly blown away at the time. I never got to play the original smash (I foolishly parted with my N64 before this was released) this would be a great oppertunity to see how the series developed from N64. So yes ill definitly be getting smash to get my brain in the right frame of mind to appriciate brawl. Is it right to call this a trilogy now? Yeah the third game is being released, but it dosent really feel like a trilogy.



Steviis_Father said:

Melee has since improved on the foundations that the classic was famous for. I'm a little neutral on the matter however, since the game isn't exactly the frantic animal people have come to love about the series. The speed is slower, but I guess, like all franchises, it helps to have the original around for sentimental reasons, and artistic reference.

What would be awesome incentive though, would be the chance to play Wii's Brawl on all the old N64 stages, if you have the game on VC. Now that's fan service!

** if anyone cares to read a blog entry I wrote about Smash Bros a while back, here's the link =



Kelvin said:

I was rather hoping that they were holding on to SNES Mario Kart because they were putting netplay in, but I know that's just wishful thinking.



BF-Medic said:

It's all about the retro-feeling. If this comes out when Brawl ships out, I will buy both!



Kevin said:

I think it would only be a good idea if they released it like a month before it came out. If they do release it a week before Brawl comes out, it just wouldn't be worth it to me.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I'm not sure if I would buy it or not. I already have the N64 version and yet I don't like dragging out the 64 to play it. Dangit, if only Nintendo would make the decision easier by putting in online play or something else new.



Masuyo said:

I never played the original. I hope they release this some time in February before the full game comes out because I'd pick it up just to get back into the series. If they release it AFTER it comes out it's kind of a dumb move... why would I want to waste my time on the old version when I could be pwning it up with Pit



Clayfrd said:

Despite the number of games that I have bought duplicates of (i.e. I have the original cart with a working system), I don't see myself buying this again. That is certainly not to say I don't recommend it! If you don't have it, it is quite fun, and it is worth 10 bucks.



BJ1 said:

My brother is going to be so happy when he finds this out.



Tempest said:

"I think it would only be a good idea if they released it like a month before it came out. If they do release it a week before Brawl comes out, it just wouldn't be worth it to me."

Exactly, many people would want to get their money's worth from downloading this before moving onto the Wii version, unless you've Wii points aplenty I'm sure the 1000 points for this will put off a few people...



strictlybeats said:

Agree Tempest - Wii Smash Brothers is a very similar if massively expanded version of the N64 original, therefore people buying the VC game might hold off buying the Wii game. With Super Metroid, it was essentially a totally different game, even if Retro got the atmosphere of the SNES game spot on.

Think I'll fire up the N64 later.

Which SB is better - N64 or Gamecube - I played the GC version a whole lot more.



Nadroc516 said:

lol this game will see SOOOOOOOO slow once we all play brawl. and go back and play this



Wii_Ownz_All said:

They should release it next week, or the week after. If they release it too close to Brawl, no one will want it because they'll want to play Brawl. Now's the perfect time because everyone is anticipating the release and this gives them a good amount of time to play it. I know I won't be buying it because I have it for the N64, which is right next to my Wii and still plugged in, and I think it'd just be a waste of 1000 points.



Jacekc said:

Well, this isn't the best version of Smash Bros(Melee was way better) but if it would relase before Brawl i would likely buy it:)

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