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More Wii Colours On The Way?

Posted by Damien McFerran

US store Target's internal stock control system may indicate so

When the Wii was first announced Nintendo practically bombarded the general public with tantalizing product imagery, the most striking of which was the promise of different coloured Wii consoles.

More than a year later and we’re still stuck with the bog-standard (but admittedly lovely) white version. So what happened to the black, red, green and grey Wii consoles Nintendo teased us with so selfishly?

Well, according to an employee at American store Target, we may be finding out very soon.

I work in the Electronics Department at a SuperTarget. Everything in Target has a DPCI number, which is kind of like a sku number. (For example, The number for the Wii is 207-25-0001) When an employee enters this number (either by hand or by scanning a barcode), it will give them the name of the item, price, location in the store, and a number of other details.

Here is what I find interesting: Before Christmas, when an employee would scan the Wii, “Wii Console” would come up as its “title”. However, I noticed that when scanning the Wii barcode, that, instead of “Wii Console”, “Wii White” would come up as the title instead. Attached is a picture of a location print-up which illustrates the “Wii White” title. I find this interesting because what made Target change the title from “Wii Console” to “Wii White”, unless there is another color coming soon. When a Playstation 3 is scanned, it doesn’t say “Playstation 3 40GB Black”, it just says “Playstation 3 40GB”. I’ve found Target to know about many things before they are released, such as having the iPods listed as “Discontinued” a week before the new ones were announced.


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Dazza said:

White is the best colour for the Wii methinks, though I can see a pink Wii being a big seller next Christmas!



The_Stig said:

I was hoping it would be between White & Black, I would have gone with black.

White is the new "colour" but most TV's etc are black, so it would blend in nicely.

It's okay white as my 360 is white.

But the only thing that's annoyed me the most with the Wii is, I wish the blue LED would stay on all the time like the promos!



Damo said:

Just to make your carbon footprint even bigger, you mean?

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