Ex-Naughty Dogs Join WiiWare Stable

Nintendo’s incoming WiiWare service has gained yet another supporter in the form of Steel Penny Games, a software house formed by two ex-Naughty Dog employees. If that name doesn’t ring a bell for you, Naughty Dog is the company that brought us the first few Crash Bandicoot games (you know, the ones that were actually good) and, more recently, the PS3-savior Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Before you get too excited it’s worth noting that the two employees in question - Jason Hughes and Andrew Gilmour – assumed the roles of senior graphics tools engineer and senior background artist respectively.

In a press release posted on the official Steel Penny website, Hughes had this to say about the announcement:

I am impressed with the egalitarian approach Nintendo has taken toward WiiWare developers. It allows the risk burden to shift back onto the creative developers.

He also commented that the new service was:

…the modern equivalent of the garage method for an independent to gain a foothold in the industry--a unique opportunity WiiWare presents that we appreciate.

The company is lining up new IP in the shape of Bruiser & Scratch.