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EU VC Releases - 25th January - Super Street Fighter II

Posted by Darren Calvert

VC gamers in Europe only get one game tonight in what seems to be becoming a trend for recent releases on the VC. C'mon Nintendo, surely you can give us more games than this each week? Anyway, lets not look a gift horse in the mouth - when the game is as good as Super Street Fighter II on the SNES who can complain?

For somebody only wishing to buy one Street Fighter game on the VC this is probably your best bet. It has the most options, its got Cammy, Fei Long, DeeJay and T. Hawk and a number of gameplay refinements that make this a great buy.

Lets hope our pals at Nintendo are planning a bit more choice for next weeks VC Friday. Surely there are a few more Megadrive games Sega could throw at them?

Check out the review here:

Super Street Fighter II - SNES - 800 points

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alexknibb said:

Well at least it's a good one. But it's a shame that 1 or 2 game weeks seem to be the norm these days. Looks like I'll be waiting a long time for my wish list...



Bass_X0 said:

one game. Okay its a good one but its still only one game. that means there'll be a week where we get two crappy games and no good games.



Will said:

Yikes, times seem to be getting a bit tough in this new year. One game? Im one of those suckers that have already bought the previous two street fighter releases on VC, and, ah, yeah im gonna get this one too I dont care I just love street fighter! Unfortunatly I think Nintendo know guys like me exist. Never got to play this one as I had a mega-drive when I was small, so I dont know if its any good or not. Incidently, WHATS GOIN ON WITH THE LACK OF MEGA-DRIVE GAMES!!!



Pua said:

At last I'll have a Street Fighter game in my Wii! I've waited a looooooot.



nintendoduffin said:

I prefer Street Fighter II Turbo myself but that could just be because I play as Chun Li and she had her fireball move taken away for Super Street Fighter II because apparently she was too good.



Dazza said:

Chun Li can still do fireballs in SSF2. They are just harder to pull off because you now have to charge them up like a Sonic Boom. They don't go all way across the screen as in Turbo either.



Kelvin said:

One game, and it's a version of something we had already. Way to go Nintendo!

At least it's a fairly good one.



Bass_X0 said:

Will, you'll notice that the majority of MegaDrive/Genesis titles are produced by Sega themselves. Maybe Sega are running out of games they created themselves to put on VC? I don't know why they don't let other companies put their games on VC... still if its Sega week next week, we'll probably get Ecco Jr. and Eternal Champions.



dossaer said:

No one is talking about the AWESOME fireball intro! I love this game! Woohoo!



Adamant said:

"Chun Li can still do fireballs in SSF2. They are just harder to pull off because you now have to charge them up like a Sonic Boom."

Eh, I found that easier, actually. Never was very good at those half-circles.



DEMON212 said:

Totally agree Kelvin.

I'm just annoyed that so many people told me that SSFII stunk on the SNES, and that I should just get Turbo.

Because I really wish I'd just bought SSFII now. I feel like I've wasted 800.

Still though, had some good times with it

But back to tonight. Just SSFII when the states got this AND Lolo just 4! Days ago...

Well I'd have to ban myself if I posted what I'm thinking at this moment in time.



ShadowSniper7 said:

Which Street Fighter should I get cause I don't have any nor have I played any. Is there really much difference between them?



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Great week! This is one of those big marquee games, and it's good to finally have it on the VC. I guess some people are upset that they didn't get two token crappy games out of the way at the same time, but meh.



Will said:

Id be pretty happy with Eternal Champions. In fact I wouldnt complain for a week if we got Eternal Champions next Friday.



Tempest said:

I guess Nintendo's plan now is:

  • Week 1 - One decent game
  • Week 2 - Two random average/poor games
  • Week 3 - Pot luck
  • Week 4 - If a new Wii version for an existing popular gaming series is coming out next week, release an older version of the game now so people will snap it up, play it for a week and then when they get the Wii version move onto that...
    Mix the above options for maximum confusion and frustration at not knowing what will be coming out next week...


dark_moogle said:

With the addition of the Turbo Graphix, NEO GEO and Mega Drive along with every pre-gamecube Nintendo console why do Nintendo think they can get away with such small updates!? Anyways, is this game playable at all with a GC controller or should I just hold out til I buy a classic controller or even better and arcade stick?



jg233 said:

The Vc is sadly diwindling in popularity with me... I used to be so excited for it too....



DEMON212 said:


Get this one.


When you look at what games the U.S have that we don't, we could've got SSFII and 2 great titles.

Ninja Gaiden II? Lolo 2? Anyone?



JGMR said:

Another hopeless week.

I haven't downloaded a game since Cybernator...



xSJx said:

I'd trade every Canadian exclusive for megaman 2 and 1080, lol. I for one don't really mind 1/2 games per week, gives me more incentive to finish the vc games I haven't yet (old games are HARD, curse you Metroid). SSFII is great btw, but I haven't beat lolo so I'm not really hurtin for the 2nd one yet...

I wish Nintendo could just release the same games everywhere, however unlikely that is.



Shortay said:

A good game I know, but I'm not interested at all. The releases are getting pathetic.



jammy_uk said:

It strikes me with all these sequels coming out within a relatively short time-scale (3 street fighters in a about one year) that it would be good if there was some sort of offer in place for those who have purchased previous installments. Perhaps they could make this version of Street Fighter half price for those who have already got the previous two. I know this is highly unlikely to happen, but it's just a thought.
On another note, the reason there may be fewer VC games recently may be the fact that the Wii release schedule has been pretty packed recently (in the UK at least). What with Zack & Wiki, Nights, Ghost Squad, Geometry Wars etc. Perhaps Nintendo thought it should save a few games until the release schedule has slowed.



Damo said:

Quit your moaning, guys! On XBLA they're lucky to get one decent game a month, let alone every week!



Kawaiipikachu said:

Well i'm guessing the slow release is because nintendo only got a few games left to release .
Making them last till Nintendo can get the licence to release a lot of games later on as not all games are released by the manufactures of the virtual console console's .
Any by the way i'm getting tired of these complaints from virtual console like costing too much or the fact it's not there favourite title .
Well the games are pretty cheap & besides some games i might hate but others love .
& Damo i loved you comment .
Sounds like you love your Xbox 360/heater .



Mendez said:

I don't know why I even bother reading comments anymore, they always consist of 50%+ moaning posts. =/
The VC is obviously going to slow down eventually, some people are just can't accept that..

I'd download this but I've already gone and bought Turbo because I was told it was the best. Ah well.



MorikaWeb said:

"The VC is obviously going to slow down eventually, some people are just can't accept that.."

Why would it obviously slow down when less than 1% of available games have been released? Why should I "just” accept that no decent RPG has been released, or that Nintendo is seemingly focusing on a single genre (fighting) to the exclusion of all others?

Please explain why I must accept this of a system I paid cold hard cash on, based on the unfulfilled promise of good classics to be released on the VC?



DEMON212 said:


At least the LA multi regions though

I know what you mean though. I said last night "At least SSFII is great".

Sure 1 game when the states got 2 annoyed me. But at least I've got something I really wanted.

And it's odd.

I never noticed now much Ken looks like Reggie. And how Shigsy looks like Ryu. And Iwata Fei Long



Bass_X0 said:

"The VC is obviously going to slow down eventually, some people are just can't accept that.."

Not just over a year, no.



N64_Gamer said:

Hmm, well I'll skip this week. It's not like there is much to skip over this week anyways...



-Regii said:

I don't want ANOTHER SF Game, I already have Turbo and that's kinda enough for me. But heck, again only one game? NoE really wants to tease us .



KhaoShar said:

"Well i'm guessing the slow release is because nintendo only got a few games left to release ."

Are you kidding?! Adding together all the games of SNES, NES, MD/Gen, TG16/PCe, N64, NG and- as I hear- soon to come SMS there are Virtually t-h-u-o-s-a-n-d-s of Games that could still be released! And if only 1% of those was worth playing they would still have years to fill with them, even at a rate of 3+ games a week. So, to make this point as clear as possible: if people complain, they mostly complain about missed opportunity, and they have every right to do so!

Lets do a little calculating here: One year has 52 weeks. Let us be especially optimistic and say NoE releases a game extra on X-mas like they did on last year and DOES NOT skip a friday in return, so thats a likely max. of 53 release dates a year. Now take the average live-span of a modern console, wich would be set at about 5-6 years (beeing optimistic about that too- I'm not so sure if Wii will last so long with the current policy of Nintendo...). So that would be:

53x6=318 dates to release games on...

Now, if todays routine continues with 1-2 games a week that will be:

318x1,5=469 games to come.

Tough it may be true that Nintendo at some time will be running out of OWN titles to release, they'd have to be plain stupid to be unable to strike deals with other companies. Acclaim, Konami, Rare... those were the Lables that fueld Nintendo's machines in the '80s and '90s. And I know several guys who would purchase a Wii if they could download all those classic Square games, speaking of FinalFantasy, Cronotrigger and the lot...

This is not taking into account the on-coming wii-ware titles, that most likely will play a more and more importan role in the later time of the wii, yet.

Personally, MY biggest hope has always been that the PAL-market get's to see all those games that never made it out of japan or the US on VC, but as it is, this dream is quickly turning into nightmare. Best to ignore VC and hope the releases of hard wii-games compensate for this mess?

And, BTW, yes, I love todays release of SSF2, too. Hope that Sega will be throwing in theyr MD-Version some time soon



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Seriously, Super Street Fighter II for SNES is one of the best games ever. It was cheap to release the original Street Fighter II a year ago, but this is the game to own.

"Personally, MY biggest hope has always been that the PAL-market get's to see all those games that never made it out of japan or the US on VC"

I share that dream, and yeah, it looks like very few "import" games will make it. I will celebrate every one of them though.



AlphaNerd01 said:

Damo made a pretty good point up there if you guys didn't see it. XBLA gamers get one retro game a month, if they're lucky. Although the Tron Arcade Game was released recently (in the US), that was t he first XBLA game I bought in months.

I think the last VC game I bought was Alien Storm, but still, there are more choices on the VC nonetheless. If you're only going to get one game this week, it doesn't get much better than SSFII.



DEMON212 said:


Those 2 would better a third release of SF IMO.

Not that I'm dissagreeing with you though. Just saying

I do agree that the VC is better than Live, in terms of games.

But in terms of fair releases and demo's, Live wins.

And the PSN is just awful with both.

But then the PSN is an amazing Live beating online service that's free



KhaoShar said:

But we are talking VC here, not XBLA. MS just does not have those decades of gaming history that Nintendo has. And Bill Gates' pet console has all the money behind it could need. Plus, whenever there is a 'classic' showing up n XBL, it's actually from some other system, be it from consoles or arcade machines, right? Heck, they're taking Goldeneye, whose classic do you think this is?!

I'm just saying that Nintendo has a heritage, maybe the biggest of all videogame companies today. How Big-N lives up to it's history is up to them...



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

KhaoShar, GoldenEye 007 is Rare's classic, and Rare is owned by Microsoft. Thus, it's Microsoft's classic. They're not going to release all of their first party games in a big rush, expecting to be able to license more. I think it's a pretty good move to slow down until they can secure more games on the VC for sure. Expect releases to pick up when Nintendo signs another licensee or gets another console on board. And soon enough we'll also have WiiWare to think about, so the VC cutbacks won't seem as drastic.

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