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Check out the updated Check Mii Out channel

Posted by Darren Calvert

As it is my birthday tomorrow I had hoped the glowing blue light emitting from my American Wii this morning was a VC gift from a generous friend. Unfortnately it was not to be - it was a prompt to update the ‘Check Mii Out’ channel instead!

These are the improvements made to the channel:

  • It's now easier to find Miis you've put up in the Posting Plaza.
  • When viewing a particular Mii Artisan's profile, there is now an option to show all Miis posted by that Artisan.
  • If you leave in the middle of judging a contest, upon your return, the Miis you selected previously will be retained.
  • Parental Controls are now fully supported in the channel. Users may choose to block the exchange of "user-generated content" from t he main system settings, and when this function is engaged, the Parental Controls PIN will be required to access the channel.
  • You can now view 500 popular Miis at a time in the Posting Plaza instead of only 50.
  • When searching for a particular Mii, the number entered is not lost if no results are returned, which makes it easier to re-enter or correct mistakes prior to a second search.

To update just follow the prompt to download the latest version from the Wii shop when you get the Wiimail. This is now available in both North America and the EU.

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DeadSoul2004 said:

Happy Birthday for Tomorrow!

I actually think the Check Mii Out Channel is good - will deffo update as too lazy to create own famous miis

Yay First!



neuzd said:

Yes, not bad at all!
I think the channel really needed a way to improve navigation among submitted Miis and to clearify the ratings system: I don'tknow if you ever noticed but your own Miis display different "ranking stars" levels depending on...well, I really don't know, but my profile says my most popular Mii has 1 star, but when I look at all my Miis they are almost all rated with 2 stars.



Kelvin said:

Happy Birthday Dazza!

I really quite like the Mii Contest Channel. I thought it would be banished unused to the back of the menu, like the Photo Channel, but it's been a lot of fun. Well done Nintendo!

Although neuzd is right, the navigation isn't as slick as it could be.



DEMON212 said:


Lol at Neuzd's Av.

Yeah, we got it. I think this is our VC release this week



Bass_X0 said:

i hope we get something good this week. I have 1000 points that I want to spend tonight. I also hope we get two games or more. Just to have the variety...



DEMON212 said:

Shame he's got a U.S Wii. Otherwise I'd send him Volleyball or Urban

BTW, just remembered, isn't it Spore's birthday too?



Atlantis1982 said:

I think some of the updated features, mainly the checking your submitted Mii's, should of been in the channel from the start.



DJ_Philanegro said:

Oh snap, it's your birthday tomorrow? I got 700pts sitting around, so if you want something within that range, just hook it up with a friend code and ask.

And what can I say - I honestly do love the Check Mii Out channel, so this is an awesome update.



Phantom said:

I was disappointed by this update...if I'm gonna be woken up at 4am by that light, I wanted it to be something cool! Like that DS demo thing or something! Oh well...

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Dazza!



Tides_of_Chaos said:

When is the US going to get the Nintendo Channel or whatever it was called? Japan has had it for almost 2 months and we have to wait?.................for what? There can't be too much to do.......oh well.



Dazza said:

Hey thanks for all the birthday wishes. If anyone wants to hook me up with a random VC game just email me and we can swop friend codes. (My console region is set to USA)

@William - I'd be interested in seeing what Gamesmaster printed about the VC:R this month. Could you send us a scan so we can have a look?



The_shoemaker said:

Happy birthday dazza! Kinda disappointed with this update. when I saw a message from Nintendo I was hoping for a cool update not this. It seems like It didn't even update anything, the only new thing is I can see my mii's, and I still can only see 50 popular miis instead of 500. I don't even use this channel much. I find it almost a waste of time. I go on from time to time to grab some cool family guy miis or something. I check what the contests are but I'm not that interested. I don't really have the time to make a perfect mii, score below the top 10, and not even get anything if I actually won the contest. And some are just dumb. Like the super football fan. It's too stupid or I'm just not creative enough. I think if you win you should get like 50 wii points or something. But if it's cool I sometimes enter. I only focus on judging when it's something cool also. So I kinda think it's a waste of an update, and I have no clue why I haven't deleted it. I actually laughed when the message from nintendo said "the extra popular check mii out channel"



mateo711 said:

This channel is pretty good! I was all in too it when I first downloaded it! I made some lot of the Mii's I found on the Check Mii Out channel! And I'm entering lots of contests!

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