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Wii Gift feature out now in EU and US

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The long-awaited Wii Shop gift feature has launched in both Europe and the US! Now you can send your friend(s) VC games! Naturally you have to pay for them first, and there's no discount or anything, but hey, surely you want to let your friends enjoy Urban Champion as well, right?

The full quote about the feature from today's press release is as follows:

Later in the day on Monday, Nintendo will make your holiday shopping just a little bit easier. If some people on your gift list have visions of classic video games dancing in their heads, you're in luck. Starting this week, Wii Shop Channel patrons can use a new Gifting feature to send games to other Wii owners with whom they've traded Friend Codes. It's an easy and inexpensive way to give your fellow Nintendo buffs the gift of a classic game - no wrapping paper required. And don't worry about duplication. If your friend already has the game you're trying to give, you'll get a simple message and be bumped back into the catalog to continue shopping.

P.S.: I'd really like Light Crusader or Wave Race 64!

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Jon said:

What happens if I gift a game to someone in the UK, and the game hasnt been released over there yet?



Atlantis1982 said:

Then you'll most likely get an error or that friend is blocked off from the gift service because of regions.

As for me, I could careless about the gift service. Bring us that Everyone Nintendo Channel. -.-



yamiiguy said:

Both Light Crusader and Wave Race 64 are out in Europe!
I wonder if you can do it cross-region though, doubt it but i'd be worth a try.



Drake said:

No no, I mean I'd like them when the gift feature comes to Europe



JNoodles said:

So then... I can finally send Ninja Gaiden to my friend so he can see how awesome it is and stop making jokes about "GAIden" even though it is not (I think it isn't...) pronounced gay-den but guy-den. XD Sending him Solomon's Key wouldn't hurt either.



eatboxman said:

question: can you send your ALREADY OWNED games to your friends?
or can you only gift WHILE BUYING it to your friend?



Drake said:

eatboxman: There is a button on the same screen as the "Buy" button that lets you gift the game to friends. Even if you already own it you have to pay again.



not cool
i wanted it to be a dowloaded game that i had finished or didn't liked
they (Nintendo) misunderstood it -_-


pffff again



Matt said:

Is anyone else receving an error code will trying to update, or is it just me?



Donrichy said:

So... european people can send games like... kof to America??

I want that game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ZueriHB said:

Donrichy, if you're registered, please send me a PM, I could send you KoF '94.



CastlevaniaTest said:

If you go to the newly-added Gifts section of the Wii Shop Channel Operations Guide (available by clicking the ? button), it says:

"You can give Wii friends who are registered to the same country as your Wii a gift of downloadable Wii software.

You can't give gifts to Wii friends with Wiis registered in other countries."

So looks like US Wii owners won't be getting an early version of Mega Man...



Kenji510 said:

Yeah!!... i wanna get megaman from you EU peoples!.. one of my favorite games for the nes.



Starwolf_UK said:

But do you want Megaman that won't play back on your TV and even if it did would have fat borders and play really slowly...



bakamono said:

For some reason it seems Pokémon Snap got on Wii Shop too. Is this an error due to the shop update?



Teppo_Holmqvist said:

"You can't give gifts to Wii friends with Wiis registered in other countries."

This is quite understandable considering that VAT's are different in different countries.



Ragnor2 said:

I was hoping I could get a friend in England something for christmas via this, but alas, country locked. Bad move Nintendo, I would understand if it was to block people giving NTSC games to PAL or viceversa, but EU/AU has the exact same list of games except for the for AU having Axelay instead of that Contra game (I think)



jackaroo said:

I live in spain....and a friend of mine lives in ireland.....does that mean i cant send him a game or vice versa?



Boredom_v2_2 said:

You guys forgot to mention that the Wii Shop Channel Logo before you choose start has changed. Now instead of different colored boxes with the word Wii floating around, it'll do the same thing but one of them will turn into a shopping bag. And any game that says "Redownload" Now says "Downloadable." But everything is still okey dokey so yeah.



Fureasei said:

It is country locked, probably as a lazy workaround 'cause NTSC and PAL machines can only select countries in their own region anyway.

HOWEVER, there's absolutely nothing preventing you from temporarily changing your country to match the one you want to send a gift to. I sent a gift to a UK Wii by setting my own country as UK, worked just fine. Rather silly that you should need to do this, but at least it works.

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