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US VC Releases - 17th December - Cybernator

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A lot of shooting in today's three US games! First up is Cybernator, the SNES game where you control a large robotic suit and blast your way through a multitude of stages. It's one of the more popular "lesser known" SNES games and as such is quite a cult classic.

The second game today is Monster Lair, the TurboGrafx-CD version of Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair for the arcade and Mega Drive. However, unlike every other TurboGrafx Wonder Boy game, this one keeps the Wonder Boy license intact instead of replacing characters! The only difference is the CD soundtrack. Unfortunately, while almost all Wonder Boy games are good, this is one of the lesser ones.

The last game today has been on the Coming Soon list for a <i>long</i> time - it's Alien Storm for the Genesis. In this beat 'em up you don't beat up street punks and thugs like most others - You beat up aliens!

Cybernator's a great game, and Alien Storm is also pretty good, but Monster Lair is below average. Check out the reviews:

Cybernator - SNES - 800 Wii Points
Monster Lair - TurboGrafx-CD - 800 Wii Points
Alien Storm - Genesis - 800 Wii Points

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User Comments (28)



Kevin said:

We better get great christmas eve releases or I'm gonna be really ticked off! Give us the Mega Mans already!

__Scottie K


Scottie K said:

If they are into releasing "cult classic" games, why not release more of them? Especially ones that are actually good...with a worldwide following. Like Earthbound.



Link_O_Fett said:

Cybernator looks pretty sweet and I've never played it before. I might have to download that one.



JNoodles said:

Alien Storm is a great game if you have more than one person willing to play with you while Monster Lair is great for about 2 minutes and then gets ultra repetitive.
In other words: GET CYBERNATOR!.O--0o0--O



WHAT? said:

We need Super Mario RPG. Thats all I need for X-mas from the VC. Game is one of the greatest RPGs I have played, right after Skies of Arcadia, of course. Give me Mario RPG and Goldeneye 007, and I'll be happy for X-mas.



MaxK said:


From what I've been I able to read and watch (Yes, I do ACTUAL research) Cybernator seems like the best choice out of the three. Alien Storm might be good for some people while Monster Lair should be kept away from (And it's not because it's a T-16/CD game, it's just nothing special)



Kenji510 said:

I really want the "Everybodys Nintendo Channel"... thats what we all need to get... i wanna to check that out and download the DS Demo games too!!



alvieao said:

So Alien Storm is finally on the Virtual Console; one of many Sega arcade conversions that came to the Genesis in its early life. Also, Konami published Assault Suit Valken in the US considering that NCS/Masaya (known for their Cho Aniki games) actually developed it.



v404 said:

No surprise, it's another lackluster week for the US on the VC..

Common sense would lead one to think NOA would work to release some "bigger" VC titles this month for the sake of the holidays but I suppose that's not what they have in mind.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

I don't care about VC games right now, I just want the Nintendo Channel like Kenji. I want free DS demos!



Adamant said:

Yes, it's a good week. Games you haven't heard of aren't nessecarily bad, guys.



RoninDennis said:

Haha, people are still whining for Final Fantasy and Goldeneye!
*takes sip of coffee*
... Whew, that was entertaining. Anyway, get Cybernator,it's the best game you never played.



Richie said:

I remember I used to get excited on Monday's waiting for the new releases. It's Wednesday, and I just remembered I forgot to check the virtual console releases AGAIN.
They'll never get my points until they give me good games. Bubble Bobble would be one of those games. I'm not quite sure Nintendo knows what they are doing anymore. I know there are many good games out there. Bart Simpson's Nightmare? anyone?



Damo said:

Wait a second.

You think Bart's Nightmare is better than Cybernator?




SparkOfSpirit said:

Of course it is. Because he's never played Cybernator, so it must be bad. (j/k)

It's actually a pretty decent week.



bobuido said:

Please correct me if I'm wrong (please let me be wrong) but didn't M$ buy Rare? In which case, why would M$ ever license Golden Eye or Perfect Dark to the VC?

There are many kick ass N64 titles I'm waiting on. Micro Machines V64 being at the top of the list. That game is a world of greatness wrapped up in a cartridge. MM64 for Christmas would have been sweet.



hahailikevc said:

why are you all saying "it wouldve been good for xmas"? ONE MORE MONDAY. I think Nintendo will give us something big then



bobuido said:

I said "would have" because I live in England and as such get VC releases on a Friday. Dunno bout everyone else

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