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Surprise EU VC Release - Pokemon Snap + worldwide Photo Channel update

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

As some of you might have already noticed this morning, everybody's favourite blue Wii light was flashing. If you turn on your Wii you'll have gotten a message from Nintendo alerting you that the Wii Shop gift feature is now available (After a Wii Shop update). But that's not all!

Nintendo of Europe also saw fit to release Pokemon Snap together with the new feature, instead of Friday (It's anyone's guess if we'll get an update on Friday now!). Whether you like or hate Pokemon, this game is completely different from most other Pokemon games, so it's worth checking out if you've never played it before. Be warned that it is quite short, however. The European version also has the extra Wii feature. Check out the review:

Pokemon Snap - Nintendo 64 - 1000 Wii Points

In all regions of the world, there is now also a Photo Channel update available through the Wii Shop - This removes MP3 support and adds AAC support. Whether you choose to download it or not, be aware that MP3 playback in Wii games that use the SD card (Excite Truck, Endless Ocean) still works.

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RGVEDA said:

Wow! That is really a surprise! Great! So, what do we get Friday now instead of Pokemon Snap?



MorikaWeb said:

Only Nintendo could come up wit the concept of removing support for one of the worlds most universal standards.



Mendez said:

Yes!! I won't be able to download it until I get paid on Monday, but it's still good to know it's finally out now! ^_^



E-dawg said:

Finally reached 10 N64 games, is that all we got in one year? Hopefully there will be much more next year... By the way, I might just mtion that if you download the Photo Channel Update and then want MP3 support back, all you have to do is simply delete the update and you will get the old Photo Channel.



Ragnor2 said:

I cant say I approve of the MP3 support removal. I don't care if AAC is better, nothing I have is AAC. I'll skip this update.



Justin said:

Ha.. didn't even know there was a mp3 support on the wii ehh whatever computer is in the same room but yeah more N64 games



Starwolf_UK said:

Apparently deleting the new photo channel means you'll revert to the older one. So consider that if you want MP3 support so badly.

Though if this will work on the newest Wiis which will come with that new photo channel is another matter.

As for Europeans. Quick get Pokémon Snap before NOE take it down and re-relase it on Friday...



Jack said:

Wii consoles released in and after December will include the Photo Channel 1.1, and cannot be reverted to MP3 playback.



yeehaw said:

With Photo Channel 1.1 you can now also change the look of the icon in the Wii menu by replacing it with one of your own pictures and there's a new icon/startup-screen for the Shop Channel.

So with this update your Wii menu gets a little makeover!! Yaay!!



WarioFan63 said:

I like the new Photo and Shop Channel preloaders.

I changed my Photo Channel to Mt. Rushmore.



Zweck36 said:

How about we get a vc surprise once! You guys have gotten 2 since we had the VC. How about a surprise KoF? Yeah Right.



Delay said:

Now that's a good surprice and with no aditional cost for the extra feature.

Obey the Hypnotoad... the Charmanders!



Ben said:

The "save pictures to the message board" feature would be a lot more fun if you could send pictures to email addresses and not just other Wii consoles.



Fami said:

I think it's wonderful! Now I can play all my iTunes tracks on the Wii.
Pokémon snap will also be the first time for me to see the game, it will be a surprise! ^



I agree with Famicom,
If you own an iPod it's ideal, just otherwise...
Personaly, it does not do much difference, but most of you have the right to feel aggrieved.



eggatron said:

My wii wasn't lit up. It can't connect to my router now for some unknown reason

This is not good news



Tooner said:

So, when do we get our iTunes-for-Wii Channel? I'd pay for that! (Maybe on Jannuary 15th … Macworld?)

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