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EU VC Releases - 14th December - Mega Man 2

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

After already releasing Pokemon Snap earlier in the week, some people wondered whether Nintendo would release games at the normal time as well. Thankfully they did - And they included one of the greatest NES games in the update as well! Mega Man 2 is usually called the best classic Mega Man series game ever made (With heavy competition from Mega Man 3 - Which I personally find better). It's the only Mega Man game with an easier mode (Making it perfect for series newcomers), it's got an absolutely amazing soundtrack for the time, it's slightly less linear, and it's just plain fun! If you've never played it, do yourself a favour and do so now!

Second and last today is the fun Neo Geo game, Top Hunter. The main idea is the same as Metal Slug - Get to the end of stages defeating a load of soldiers and other enemies. This game does some things a bit different though - There's two paths to walk on (One in the front and one in the back) which you can hop between at certain points. Instead of firing guns (Though there are guns) you beat enemies up with your strange, stretching fists and pick up and throw them. If you're keen on a game similar to Metal Slug you shouldn't go wrong here.

Two more games, despite getting a Nintendo 64 game earlier in the week! Check out the reviews:

Mega Man 2 - NES - 500 Wii Points
Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy - Neo Geo - 900 Wii Points

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User Comments (48)



Shortay said:

Great update, considering we already got Pokémon Snap earlier in the week. Mega Man 2 for me =D



Great update all in all!

Megaman 2, Pokemon snap and Top hunter? Brilliant!

That's me sorted untill after christmas on the Vc! XD



Bass_X0 said:

And no Megaman games on U.S. Virtual Console yet? Highly strange giving Megaman's popularity in the U.S.



BJ1 said:

This is very perculiar. What's going on with Nintendo not releasing MegaMan games in the US yet?



Ragnor2 said:

Considering how often you get things that aren't even considered for an EU release, its a but unfair to be whining when we actually get something good, imho.

But anyway, I've never played a Mega Man game before, so I guess I might as well start here. Once I get some points that is



Ender2010 said:

f u guys in europe the us release schedule has been crappy in the us too ever since smb 3. we still dont have vectorman or mega man 1 now you guys have mega man 2 as well and dont tell me that i can get the mega man games on the gc, beacuse used old gc games are really messed because the gc was a kiddy console in the minds of most gamers. so if us doesnt see mega man games this upcoming monday im going to be really upset.



Kenji510 said:

Yes i know... hopefully we get these megaman games on monday at least 1 or 2.. one of the fun games for the NES.



LazerGun said:

More love shown for EU... We get Baseball stars 2, they get Mega Man 2... Yeah, thats even...



ChinSpin said:

vectorman hasnt been in US and when did EU get? wasnt it march? what the hell is goin on here?



Megaman said:

I'm glad to see that Nintendo is finally releasing this series, it's about time considering that a lot of the games released so far are junk games that I've never heard of them. I hope Dr. Mario still gets released and I'm surprised Duck Hunt wasn't yet because you can use the wii remote.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Mega Man games have already been released in the US on compilation discs. MM hasn't seen comp release like that in Europe, so they're making up for lost time. I wouldn't expect to see MM or MM2 in the US for quite a while, yet.

Great update for EU gamers, though. Congratz.



morphballer said:

Its a good thing we've got Mega Man Anniversary Collection available on all last gen consoles in the U.S.



AJ said:

You can get the Megaman Collection disc for the Gamecube (and it has Megaman 1-6 plus two other games) all under 30$. It even corrected some problems from the original games. Only problem I have with the GC version is the controls (the jump and shoot buttons are backwards). Other than that, why pay 5$ for one spectacular game while you can get the whole bunch for 30$?



Fami said:

This isn't more than fair for EU. We're always last for everything.
You'll get Smash Bros Brawl before us even. I think this is just some sort of
plaster to our wounds. Thank you Nintendo!



chris said:

Well INSANELY_SIK just get it over it mate, as here in europe
we are going to get the best vc games allways the you over there USA.



Venom said:

Too bad but megaman collection never was released in europe! i hoped for it so much . so give us europeans this pleasure nice update!!!

__/l\ T /l\ R I


/l\ T /l\ R I said:

Christ!... Do you yanks have any idea how painfully long we have to wait not only for console games, but consoles themselves? In the past we've always drawn the short straw. I think we're owed a few early releases.



Tim said:

Hey guys, I don't think its fair to hate on the EU because they are getting better vc games then us. I'm still waiting for Bobble Bubble as many of you are waiting for Mega Man or even Vectorman, but the real culprit here is Nintendo of America.



Kevin said:

Hopefully this means we wil finally get the original Mega Man monday. God I hope so because we still don't have either or Bubble Bobble or Vectorman. Nintendo of America, get to work!



Delay said:

Impressive week.
Two great action games and one photo game with Pokemon.
That has only one downside: How can this be topped in the Chrismas week?



Yes i knew i had to buy new points for a reason
Tophunter and Megaman 2 what a day



Steve said:

Alright, people, stop the fighting! Don't make me stick an ocean between you guys to separate you! ... Oh, wait.

My guess as to why we haven't seen the MM series in the US yet is because Capcom wants to make full profits from the collectors series rather than sharing profits with Nintendo. I could (hopefully) be wrong though. I'd love to see them as much as the next "yank", but whining about how the EU has them already isn't doing much good.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

Kevin, don't hold your breath for a MM1 release over here anytime soon. If it's released on Monday, I'll eat my Christmas stocking. Now, Bubble Bobble I think (hope) could be released over here before too long. Still, I'm not grudging on any EU players... it's the Japanese players I'm jealous of (Warsong, River City Ransom...)!



alvieao said:

I cannot blame Europe for getting Mega Man 2 and Top Hunter. Even if I blame NoA, whining does not solve anything. Also, that is a great week for Europe and I congratulate them.



Starwolf_UK said:

"The soundtrack on megaman seems a little....slow to me. Is it just me being weird? "

At a geuss thats becuase it is. Typical lazy 50Hz conversion. As in the whole game is slower and the localisers couldn't be bothered to speed the music back to normal levels.



RGVEDA said:

Monster Lair for Turbografx next Week for Europe, Australia and US confirmed!!!




Megaman256 said:

What the heck Europe already gets Megaman 2. The U.S. hasn't even got Megaman 1. I really don't care if we get Megaman 1 but Megaman 2 is actually a good game. So come on Ninitendo and give the U.S. Megaman 2 also.



Matt said:

To the responses about the megaman games not being here: Neitheir NA nor Japan has gotten them, meaning the games could be exclusive to europe and austrailia



RoninDennis said:

@Starwolf_UK: There seems no consistency in this. Suddenly we get 60hz up-to-speed American games like Ninja Gaiden and Cybernator, and then we get Mega Man 2 in 50hz slowed down. Hm. Let's roll a fag and mope about it...

__that videogame guy


that videogame guy said:

"To the responses about the megaman games not being here: Neitheir NA nor Japan has gotten them, meaning the games could be exclusive to europe and austrailia"




Ron_Prower said:

Uh guys, how many games for the VC are already out on some form of collection such as the Sonic games or Gradius. There's no reason that just because MegaMan is on a collection that the US should not get it already. It really truly stinks that EU has now got MM2 and we've still yet to get the original.



Kawaiipikachu said:

I'm getting tired of everybody complaing about trash release but a Segeru said theres no one singile game is everybody number one favorite .
So the release pattern fits in with that .
Example Actraiser i dont like it ( 500 points wasted) but the reviews i used to decide to wether to get it or not with the reviewers there liking it .
So every game released there be people like them & people that hate them there you have it all games released on the vc is worthit



Kai said:

You guys please stop whining I'd trade these crappy megaman games for all your bloody early release dates and at least they actually care for you. You really think nintendo can make it up with me when they release slightly better games for the EU (even though we always get like 2 games even 1 game a few times). I wouldn't be whining Americans..



Bass_X0 said:

Alien Storm and Cybernator are leaked to be the remaining games in America this Monday.



Bass_X0 said:

Searching for crappy Megaman games.... searching....

Error: Crappy Megaman games not found.



v404 said:

I think the VC games release schedule is about fair. I mean, there are plenty of VC titles that have come out in Japan so far that I'm dying for too. Furthermore, Japan gets just about everything first as far as formal releases are concerned. It's just the nature of the beast, I suppose..

On the otherhand, the EU got Mario Strikers a good while before the US & I thought there was going to be a similar type of release date reversal w/ Mario Kart & Smash Bros. So it would appear as though they are at least trying to spread the love. Though, you're never going to please everyone.

As far as Megaman's release on the VC in the US, it would seem as though it makes sense for them to hold off on it in an effort to sell more GC Anniversary discs but seeing as how GC is largely a dead console, you'd think a couple of VC releases would also promote Anniversary sales too.

On a promising note, the January issue of Nintendo Power has a large Retrospective on Megaman so I'd be willing to bet Megaman 1 & 2 are on the horizon for the US VC. I'd guess we'll be seeing at least one of them within the next few weeks.



Zweck36 said:

How can everybody say that Gamecube is a dead console, or it is for kids. Now is the tme to buy as many gamecube games as your heart desires. They are cheap in used game stores, and you can play them on your wii. Why not take advantage of this feature. Anyway fellow "yanks"(I don't like being called a yank) the MM collection is 17.99 at Gamestop



In the words of Patrick, Yes, this is an awesome week

Just downloaded Megaman with that 'stars-to-points' Thingy. Well worth it!



big_ed said:

I know I'm probably just being a conspiracy theorist when I say this, but I'm sure if you look at some of the trends for the US releases for the VC. When Mario for the Wii came out recently we got smb3, megaman's anniversary happened recently and we still didn't see anything. Now maybe, just maybe one of those 3rd party characters for brawl we haven't heard about could be megaman and they're waiting to release the games when they reveal him. I don't know what the releases on sonic VC games were when he was revealed, but i'm sure he was revealed just to relieve stress for the pushback. anyway that's just my theory.



ante said:

This is ridiculous another week of junk
"If they are into releasing "cult classic" games, why not release more of them? Especially ones that are actually good...with a worldwide following." Like pilotwing.



Gareth said:

How can you say that we got Mario Strikers charged 'a good deal' before you, it was one month.

Oh yeah, how many months did you get Super Paper Mario before us 5 months.

So I think it's good that for once we get something good a decent amount of time before you

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