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The Shaft - Virtual Console joystick

Posted by Darren Calvert

Much like people had a little chuckle at the name of the Wii the trend continues with the upcoming release of a new joystick for the Virtual Console from Overline Gaming. It is amusingly named The Shaft. We like to think this is a reference to the cool private detective John Shaft however it could be taken in different ways!

Designed as a Virtual Console controller, The Shaft is a pretty traditional looking arcade stick on a peanut shaped base.

The stick has full analogue control (for playing games like Mario Kart), but also has 8 "resting points" so it also has the feel of an 8-way joystick for games like SF2. It was designed to provide the best of both playing experiences in one controller.

The Shaft plugs into the Gamecube port on the Wii. Overline decided to make it wired, because in their experience, wireless controllers do not provide the response time required for fighting games.

Even the ladies love a bit of The Shaft as seen in this promotional video!

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The stick is available in white, pink and black and preorders for delivery in December are being taken now.

One joystick will cost you $39.99 / 27.34 Euros / £19.35

Two joysticks will cost $69.99 / 47.86 Euros / £33.86

Shipping is available all over the world, rates vary by country. You can choose your level of shipping in Paypal. FedEx International delivery will take about 3 days.

Your pals at the Virtual Console Archive will be picking up a few Shafts of their own so expect to see a full review of the new stick on the block nearer to Christmas.

Visit Overline's Wii Virtual Console joystick page.

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Kevin said:

I'll probably only get this if the mortal kombats or (hopefully) primal rage are released.



Great, now I will have shaft on the mind all day...



Dazza said:

Bensei - Pricing is shown in Euros above. Pretend to buy one and check out in Paypal to see price converted for your country.

You can only preorder at the moment. Shipping will be in late December.



KruzeS said:

What I'd like to see, is a cube controller with that kind of Wii look and build quality.



SMBSS said:

It would be nice if it could be used as a Gamecube controller

__retro master


retro master said:

Looks cool but $40 bucks !!! I don't think its worth it. I'll stick with the classic controller.



mike said:

most people have their Wii set up in such a way that having cords from a controller is cumbersome!



Waxxy said:

"most people have their Wii set up in such a way that having cords from a controller is cumbersome!"

That's really the clincher for me. It looks like a cool stick for fighting games, but I've been too spoiled with wireless controllers to want to spend $40 for a wired one. That and I have to wonder how well an analogue still will function in games that were designed for digital input, even with the inclusion of "resting points".

I'll wait for the reviews on this one (and maybe a cordless version? One can hope...)



ruroremy said:

[The Shaft plugs into the Gamecube port on the Wii.]

Does this mean I can use it for N64 games? Would be sweet if it's allowed.



Seol said:

Any idea how this compares to the Hori Fighting Stick?

I've currently got a couple of those on order, and I have to say an analog stick with sticking points doesn't sound as solid as a digital stick for the games where you'd want a stick, but then their points about wired controls giving better response times gives me pause (the Fighting Stick is basically a Classic Controller so is wireless, which I thought was a benefit but might turn out not to be).

Also, many times in the past, I've found joysticks to be somewhat flimsy, and Hori apparently has a good reputation for durable and solid sticks - what's the quality of Overline considered to be?



Waxxy said:

"their points about wired controls giving better response times gives me pause"

I'd be wary of listening to closely to that. My gut reaction is that this is just marketting BS.

Think about it -- they could go to the trouble of making an expansion for the Wiimote, come up with a way to design a controller with Bluetooth to interface directly with the Wii, or just save themselves the trouble and make it for the Gamecube, which just so happens to be Wii-compatible. The only drawback is they have to make it wired, so how to put a spin on that? Tell people that wireless lags.

I have never noticed any lag whatsoever playing Wii or VC games with my wireless controller, thanks very much. =P

Also, regarding what it will work for, it seems to me that any controller that can plug into the GC port has to be a GC controller. That means it's compatible with Gamecube (duh) and all Virtual Console games (currently every game supports play with a GC controller), as well as any Wii game that supports a GC controller.



Seol said:

Well, what's the difference between a wired controller that plugs into the Wii Remote (a la Classic Controller, or my comparison point - the Hori Stick) and a wired controller that plugs into the GCN port? I really doubt there's any real difference there.

Also I guess GC controller compatibility is going to be approximately as relevant as Classic Controller compatibility for Wii games, and obviously much wider for GC games. But then, I don't see myself continuing to play many GC games with fighting sticks.

Yeah, I've never noticed any lag via the Classic/Remote. But then, nothing requires precise timing quite like a proper 2d fighting game.



GreenDazed said:

This is such a scam! You can use any old gamecube controller with the virtual console. I picked up an arcade stick that works with Gamecube, Xbox, and PS2 for like 10 bucks at Gamestop.



Ian said:

No offence, it looks REALLY cheap looking. I bet it's really light weight and could brake easily. I'd get the Hori Wii Stick.



Bensei said:

It said Mario Kart 64, so, if you don't need the Z Buttons and the C-Stick, YOU CAN PLAY N64 Games. I guess the same is with GCN Games since it plugs into the Gamecube Port. (In other words, it's just a Wii designed Gamecube Controller for Neo Geo and Arcade Games!)
And L and R on the sides is right, sind this thing is 6x11 inches, which means that it's quite large and heavy (look for wiishaft on youtube), so you would never hold this in your palm but put this somewhere on (your legs for example) and smash the buttons like in the Arcade halls.
I saw a GCN Power Stick from Logic 3 on amazon which had a switch button for C, but it's no longer available on amazon, does anyone know if logic 3 has an own order site?



Bensei said:

Hey Greendazed, do you think I can get that on my Gamestop in Europe too?



Sektor said:

Jeez nintendo are going all sexual on us

Its called the shaft and it has hot women in the advert, I think they are trying to encourage somthing



Wolf said:

wow absolutely horrible. it's wired... it does't have a 2nd analog stick... and it has a ridiculous name! ouch



Bensei said:

logic3 seems to have a very good arcade stick (with a switch to change to C, marked yellow):

I asked them if they're thinking of bringing it back to the market, they said unfortunately not, but if they do I would hear about it in the Games Press of them. Try sending them polite E-Mails, if they'd bring it back or even make a new Wii one, maybe they do if they recieve much questions about them



Bensei said:

The fact that it's wired means that it's plugged into the GCN port, what means, that it's in fact a GCN Controller and can be used in Metal Slug Anthology. Also a wired Controller supports faster reaction times and more exaction



jjwet35 said:

well, one thing that people didn't mention is the fact that the stick is an analog stick with 8 locking points that can also simulate an 8 way digital stick. as far as i know most joysticks are digital, so this is probably one of the best features of the shaft. in comparison with the hori fighting stick, there are 2 fundamental differences. first is, i think it is a complete digital stick with no analog support. secondly it essentially is a classic controller with no neither the right or left analog stick, but includes the ZR and ZL buttons. while the shaft is essentially a game cube controller without the C-stick, but includes analog stick control.



Dazza said:

Bensei - We're still waiting to get our Shaft. Overline emailed me last week and said they are running a bit late but they are in production now so I should get soon. When we do we'll review it on the site so you know if its good or not.



Boredom_v2_2 said:

I wonder if people can download the music they use for Wii commercials for i-pods and stuff. That would be so awesome!



Bensei said:

Do you have it yet?
Soory for being so annoying, but I'm very interested in this

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