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EU VC Releases - 9th November - Super Mario Bros 3

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Thankfully, Europe didn't have to wait long to get Super Mario Bros. 3 after America got it earlier this week. This game needs no introduction. It's easily one of the best games ever made (And according to many, THE best game ever made). If you haven't ever played it, you honestly have no idea what you're missing. Shame on you!

The other two games this week aren't so hot. First up is Power Golf for the Turbografx. This is, as the title may already reveal, a golfing game. Unfortunately, Mario's already beaten poor Power Golf to the punch with his own, better golf game, NES Open Tournament Golf. Unless you want to golf with realistic characters, this one isn't recommended.

Finally we have Blue's Journey for the Neo Geo. The Neo Geo already has a fairly small library of platformers, and unfortunately, Blue's Journey is one of the worst, especially considering Magician Lord (Which is far superior) came out two weeks back. Unless you like very slow-paced, repetitive platformers, this one isn't for you.

Two bad games, be glad they're out of the way! The real pick of the week is of course the legendary Super Mario Bros. 3!

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diablos79 said:

woo-hoo!!! smb3 FINALLY!!! been waiting so long to play the original again. Gona be a fun weekend methinks, this game is frickin amazing, everyone has to dl it NOW and no excuses.



Bjarke said:

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay its so nice!! Love this game, and i have it original, but gotta own this one too



Mendez said:

I knew it! The one VC week I don't have my Wii is the week I've been waiting for for about 2 months! (Not to mention the Wii releases of Endless Ocean and Galaxy which I've waited months for)
Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait for it to arrive back from repairs to download..



Rossi said:

Yes finall SMB3 500 credits well spent.. sunday the new mii channel sorted!



Manaman said:

Not a bad selection. Now there's one step closer to getting the final Mario platformer (and my personal favourite) which is Yoshi's Island. Probably download SMB3 eventually, but it is by no means a priority.



kalx said:

omg and i got my remote jacket yesterday?
this is the best wiik ever.



INpixl said:

There is a quite annoying graphical glitch with the VC release of Super Mario Bros 3. A problem that is visual at all time while moving forward on a level. The problem is further discussed in the information page for SMB3.

I can't understand that Nintendo allowed for such a glitch to pass as acceptable when releasing the best game of all time. A game like this should be flawless. If it's an honest misstake that will be fixed soon with an update, then it's forgivable... but if they decide to let this go by unoticed I sure won't be a happy camper.



chris said:

Blue's journey i think is a good NeoGeo game, well i think all NeoGeo games are fantastic.
Take it from me as i used to have the real console with games
costing me over $300.00 Aussie dollars so for 900 wii points to play arcade perfect games no matter what game in the NeoGeo
range is all good i think.



diablos79 said:

@ INpixl: i totally agree with you on the glitch. it is very annoying and i was quite dissapointed when i downloaded the game. Ive kinda got used to it now but you are right, a game like this should be flawless considering its one of the greatest games ever and some of the rubbish they release on vc with no glitches whatsoever. Sort it out nintendo, i thought you'd treat your mascot with more respect than this.



koo said:

bad glitch with super mario 3.hope they sort it out or i will never buy wii
points again.



Zantagor said:

Euh.... people... that glitch existed in the ORIGINAL SMB3 cart on the real NES, I poped it out to verify this myself. The issue is more glaring with the more recent TV Screen which don't have the rounded kind of effect old TV's had back then. But it's still there, lots of the later NES games had those issues with clipping at the edges. Crystalis is another one of them.

It just looks a lot worst because new TVs don't really have the same type of screen as older ones.



Bass_X0 said:

hn. nintendo don't and won't fix small glitches that don't ruin the game, slight graphical glitches were common with NES games. you're expecting too much if you believe nintendo should fix it.

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