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A Year Of Wii

Posted by Thomas Bowskill

Well, would you believe it? The Wii has been out for a year already. And what a turn-around it's been for Nintendo!

So here at NintendoLife we thought it would be good to discuss the highs, and lows, of this past year of Wii. So without further ado, I present you NintendoLife's 'Year of Wii'- a collaboration of opinions from our reviewers and writers:

Spanning from the Wii's US birthday to the PAL Wii's birthday; we have the four following articles:

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The_Stig said:

It's a shame that theres a massive shortage of Wii's in UK (again) , I read that because of the shortage PS3 has gained a few more, don't know the legitimacy of this claim though.

I'm pretty much sure, the end of the first year for the Gamecube was abit sour, and it's good to see that the Wii is still the most talked about console, and the best!

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