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Virtual Console gift giving service

Posted by Darren Calvert

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata unveiled a function recently that allows users to send each other games over the Internet using the Wii's shopping channel.

With a few clicks, a user will be able to select a game to send as a gift to another user online, Iwata said. When the recipient accepts, the Wii automatically launches the shopping channel and begins the download.

"We think this will be a breakthrough in encouraging customers to spread news of fun games word of mouth," Iwata said. "We also hope to spur more users to connect their Wiis to the Internet," he said.

We can't wait for the next firmware update. A pretty nifty idea!

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Bass_X0 said:

an interesting idea. i wonder how popular this will be when it is made available.



Boredom_v2_2 said:

when u accept the offer, will u get the game for free? Or will your points be deducted automatically?



big_ed said:

will we be able to receive games that are only acceptable in our region or can they send us anything that is acceptable in their region. say a friend in europe wanted to send me megaman which for some odd reason isn't available in the US yet



Bass_X0 said:

Have you actually been to Warrington, William?

and i'd imagine the sender has to pay for the game themselves. but what if the reciever already has the game? does the sender waste money if the reciever doesn't accept? i think it will probably only deduct from the sender's points when the reciever accepts.



Shadowprophet said:

I think this is a great idea, Their are actually like a few buds on my list I would actually buy a game for as a christmas present.



Bass_X0 said:

how about you can give away games you've downloaded and played but no longer want... maybe on the agreement that the reciever is unable to send anyone the recieved game to prevent abuse (game sharing on one download).



Adamant said:

Yes, this is a fun idea from Nintendo. I just hope games can be sent cross-region, though.



Angertron said:

I personally won't use it, but I think it's a smart idea nonetheless and will undoubtedly increase VC sales.



Steviis_Father said:

It'll probably bite sending someone a game he's purchased already...not like you can take it back. Since the game will be under his/her name...



William said:

Bass X
Yes, I used to live there, I have never been out on a saturday there tho! I was only joking! Mr Smiths is ment to be a bit rough tho



alvieao said:

Very interesting... many people would send out their favorite titles to other users.



Bensei said:

Do you buy a game as a present and then send it to a friend (and it isn't in your list if you haven't bought it for yourself)/buy a game again you already bought to give it to a friend, or can you give a game you bought yourself for free to anyone else? I think the first is the right one, since Nintendo would lose millions when freinds and families come together and send it from one to the next.

Anyways, with that way you can give a friend SMB2:Lost Levels if he hadn't done it before October



the fun idea was
when the Voting channel firs got released
i made a Question about this particulair method

isn't it nice now i can send the games i completed to my friend



SMBSS said:

I saw on that there's a video in japan demoing it, but i can't find

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