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New WiiWare game - Pop

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Yet another developer hops on the WiiWare bandwagon. Developer Nnooo has announced they're working on a game called Pop. In the game, the objective is to pop bubbles for as long as you can without running out of time (You can also obtain time extensions, etc.). You can read some more information on Nnooo's official Pop site.

Now, commence the bad jokes about the developer's name! Nnooo!

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Mr_Mat1 said:

Seems cute, but even if it's free I'm not sure I have enough blocks left (space) on my wii memory. A side from the sandisk slot to transfer data or put pics, do guys know another way to add memory to the wii?



RMA said:

delete messages (like the daily play and nintendo updates) this frees up a bit of memory but probably not enough. The easiest way is to delete games you've downloaded (keep the score/progress save data) as you can always download and continue later.



Delay said:

Get a SD-Card. You can save everything unneeded there and swap it back whenever you want it, as you can't use the VC-games directly from there.



big_ed said:

This doesn't seem like something most people would download if it were to cost any points. There's probably several flash games that someone could play on their wii that would simulate the same experience. i sincerely hope there's more to this than popping bubbles.



mamac said:

i know man i wish you could use the VC directly from SD cards. the only other option is that nintendo reconsider a playable hard drive



jg233 said:

Any games for wiiware are good news. What I mean is that people are really suportting it, even if the games aren't that great.



Blublu said:

That sounds like a pretty dull game. Oh well, it's a start. I hope we will get more interesting WiiWare games than this in the future...



KQ said:

sounds like an every extend ripoff with crappier visuals. mmph.



Tim said:

This game will only be interesting for people who have never played a video game before in their entire life. For the rest of us this will be boring. It's kind of like Pong, in the sense that Pong was great when it had no competition, but Pong can't compete with any game today; well, other then Pop.



tank2tank said:

This game looks absolutely pointless and I'm not even going to pay 1 wii point for it. Seriously though, can't this developer think of a better use for the remote other than 'popping bubbles'? Nnooo! Come on!



uncle_smuck said:

Good god. Is this the best they can do!?! Nnoooobody will pay good money for a bubble popping simulation. How about a mugging simulatior. Where you mug the presedent of nintendo available to european wii owners only. Sweet dreams are made of this..........

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