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New WiiWare game announced - Gravitronix

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A rather unknown developer recently revealed that it was working on a WiiWare game called Plattchen. Now, a different developer has stepped up and revealed Gravitronix.

Medaverse have announced this new game for the future service, but haven't really disclosed much information, besides that the game will have a multiplayer mode. Here's the whole press release:

"Wii have made our Choice!"

Medaverse Studios Announces Wii Developer Status Dover, New Hampshire - August 20th, 2007 - Medaverse Studios ( announced today that it has been licensed as an official developer for the Nintendo Wii.

"We're immensely grateful to Nintendo for giving us this opportunity," said Jesse Lowther, Lead Designer, "As a creative team, we had always toyed with the idea of game development and we even had an RPG in the planning stages during the height of the GBA's popularity. We had all but given up on that dream, but when Nintendo first revealed the Wii remote to the world, that dream came back with a vengeance. Once WiiWare appeared on the horizon, we knew it was our chance."

Medaverse hopes to have their first title, Gravitronix, launch on Nintendo's WiiWare service when it debuts in 2008.

"We're looking forward to introducing our own unique style to the gaming world with Gravitronix," Lowther said, "We hope to offer a fun and accessible gaming experience which is easy to learn but a challenge to master, including a robust multiplayer mode with enough hidden depth to keep even the most hardcore of players struggling to outdo each other. The way we see it, if you don't swear when you lose to another player, we haven't done our job."

Look for more news and updates regarding Medaverse Studios and Gravitronix in the near future."

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Drake said:

Yup, when they start becoming available we will cover them as well!



jackaroo said:

Actually sounds kinda cool. No info but already it sounds interesting. Maybe its just cause i like the logo . But stiil I hope to hear more about the game soon.
BTW do you plan to add a Wii-Ware section to the site once more games are released and revealed?



KQ said:

Great news on new wiiware. But 'Gravitronix' is one crappy name for a game.



ouenben said:

Why is it taking until 2008 to get this service started. come on Nintendo Microsoft offered it from the start.



Travis said:

Soooooo any word on an external hard drive? Mine meager internal supply is just about at it's limit. *Sigh*



Drake said:

Wii Ware prices are currently unknown. I believe somebody hinted they'd be no higher than 1000 Wii Points though.



rarson said:

I don't know why more developers aren't jumping on the WiiWare bandwagon. Especially the smaller guys. It just seems like a really great way to get into the gaming industry and get name recognition. Anyone with a Wii and an internet connection- and that's a lot of people- can buy your product without even leaving the house.

I already spend a decent amount of money on VC games. If there was actually something worth buying on WiiWare ("Everybody Votes" isn't even worth downloading for free), I'd be spending even more. VC games are great, but I'd love to have NEW downloadable games available, too. What are the developers waiting for???



Yoshi175 said:

^There could be loads of good stuff being worked on that just isn't announced yet, everybody votes is a channel not wii ware.



Kouta said:

The jewels in the logo look suspiciously like Bejewled from MSN Messenger...



Sentay said:

Cool too bad it's not until 2008, oh well. Also is there anything this site can't do (in regards to the comment on this site rating wii ware games as well).



Nintendork said:

This is pathetic, one of the first Wiiware games announced and it's STILL not here yet

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