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Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel hits Europe

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

The patience of those who waited in order to watch some Metroid Prime 3 trailers has paid off - The Metroid Prime 3 Preview Channel is now available on the European Wii Shop Channel.

You can find it under the Wii Software section in the Wii Shop, and it, obviously, comes absolutely free of charge! There are currently six videos available, with one more being added this friday. Next week is Metroid Prime 3's European release, so go grab the Channel and get in the mood already!

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yeehaw said:

So, what kind of channel is this exactly? Is it just a temporary Metroid Prime 3 preview channel purely made for the Metroid Prime 3 hype. Or is it a new channel where you can watch the newest and Nintendo related videos and trailers? I hope the latter...



djxspike said:

Sorry Europeans... you haven't been missing much... just download it and see what I mean. There's not even any freakin game play. You just watch videos. LAME!



morphballer said:

Be honest. How many of you already downloaded the previews from gametrailers (or another site)?



Steve said:


I'm pretty sure this one was just for Metroid Prime. I already deleted the channel from my Wii a long time ago, since it's kind of pointless once you have the game.

As I understand it, they're going to release a channel in the future that will have videos and previews for a variety of games, so just hang on a bit longer for that.



I've only got 75 blocks left now
It does take quite a lot of blocks, even though the videos stream from the internet!



yeehaw said:

I tried it out. Damn, it blows. I thought it was the long-awaited video channel, but it's not. BTW, when I downloaded it, I got the rare mario & luigi swimming screen



TwinCross said:

Just some videos you can get from gametrailers, youtube, etc. etc... Dull >_>

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