EU VC Releases - 19th October - Castlevania II

A diverse selection for Europe today, as besides a shoot 'em up and a fighter, we get the strange sequel to the original Castlevania, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. The game is a lot different from the original game, though the influence is still very obvious. Instead of fighting your way through linear levels, you've instead got a large overworld to explore, complete with dungeons and secrets! The game's been criticized a lot over the years, and has even been called "most disappointing sequel of all time", but this is honestly not doing it any justice, as it's a pretty good game. Just don't expect anything similar to the original!

Second today, it's the first Turbografx-CD game, Gate of Thunder! It's a really good horizontal shmup, with a rocking soundtrack. There's a reason this is frequently mentioned in lists of best shoot 'em ups!

And finally today, we've got World Heroes. It's a good fighter for the Neo Geo, and it's cartoony characters are a nice alternative to Fatal Fury's slightly more realistic approach. Still, it and most other "early" Neo Geo fighters are outclassed by their own sequels, so it might be worth waiting!

A fairly diverse selection for Europe today, and none of the games are bad.