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EU VC Releases - 12th October - Super Metroid

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

After many long, long months, the time has finally arrived for Europeans: The legendary Super Metroid is now available on VC! In the third Metroid game, Samus travels back to Zebes to dispose of the Space Pirates once and for all. It's one of her longest and greatest adventures ever, and if you haven't played the game before, you honestly owe it to yourself to experience it, as it is often classed among the top games in Nintendo's history. Also, this is the 150th game on the European VC!

Second today is another game that America's had for a fair while - Probotector II (Known as Super C America, the C obviously being for Contra). The second game in the series has the robots going against a bunch of aliens in what is basically more of the same as the original game. If you found the first game too hard, rejoice, as the second game is quite a bit easier. It's not that much easier that it's no challenge at all, though.

Only two games for Europe this week, but both of them are great. Enjoy them!

Note: The past few months, Australia has been getting the same games as Europe, every update. This is slightly different this week - They get Axelay instead of Probotector II!

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Bass_X0 said:

Its great that Super Metroid has been released - now all the complainers will shut up (or complain about something else). Also glad of Probotector II. I'm only disappointed that there's two games (although good ones).



Fang said:

Not a bad haul obviously...

Not much for my liking, but I've had many cool games already show up on the VC. And I hope this will silence a group who was waiting for this so badly

Now, what will be the next game we will all be clammoring for to come out and have to wait weeks for and every week people going 'awww, still no '

I'm just teasing, I know the feeling of waiting and not knowing when or even IF it will ever come... Specially because I suspect my most cherished memories of the games of yore are all unlikely to be high on anyone's wishlist, let alone Nintendo's plans...
(Flashback, Rad Gravity, Fury Of The Furries (though that was PC, I am told I should look out for: Pac-In Time (same game, just Pac-Man and on consoles))...

Considering it's 1.30am here my mind is failing me to recall more childhood memories, I'm sure they'll come back some day ;P



Jamie said:

Nice Super Metroid, I look forward to downloading this one if my brother hasn't already spent the points on something else!

I'm still waiting for Unirally though! c'mon Nintendo... get it sorted!!!



KQ said:

yawn. never been a super metroid fan, so a pretty dull week this week.

i wish we'd got the US contra games instead of the not-so-exciting german probotector games...they lack the character of the us/jap games.



Steve said:

Congrats to all those waiting for Super Metroid!

(Of course I know you're all just going to complain about only getting 2 games instead, but... oh well)



neuzd said:

Jazzem came to the chat and typed a simple "It's up."
'What' was a superfluous question....

Probably a lot of people had to recover from the shock, because I immediately connected and downloaded it like it was shinesparking.

Immediately changed buttons config (B = BBBBBBBBBlastSpacePirates ), and carved a smile which I hope will last some weeks.

If you're Ridley, start your prayers now.



Eva said:

I think this five weeks on the trot, there's been something I've wanted on the VC store. However this does mean I'm not actually going to download Super Metroid as I have plenty of other stuff to keep me occupied.



JJ said:

Fantastic news that Super Metroid is finally arriving. Although I am slightly annoyed at the fact that there were no more NeoGeo games this week...
As for Probotector, never played the first one so I won't be getting this. Also, I have a question: If I've already played Metroid Zero Mission on GBA is there much point in downloading Super Metroid?



neuzd said:

Dear JJ, Suiper Metroid is hailed as one of the greates games in history.
Yes, you did read right, not one opf the best adventures, or action games, it is one of the best games in all videogame history.

Zero Mission is an enhanced remake of Metroid, your question doesn't make much sense.
In addition, Zero Mission's area is quite small, they added locations to give it some Super Metroid feeling, but the original is a game of 21 years ago, so...



ANC said:


Super Metroid is awesome. That's like asking if you should get Super Mario Bros. 3 when you've played Super Mario World already. The answer is yes.



PlayerOne said:

Zero Mission is based on original (NES) Metroid, no? Super Metroid is a different game. I think. I hope.

I had what looked like swimming Mario&Luigi when I downloaded it this morning. Never had that before. They missed a load of the coins, even though there were two of them.



RoninDennis said:

^^ Absolutely! Zero Mission is but a slight appetizer compared to Super Metroid. I finished ZM in three hours on my first playthrough. You can expect to put at least thrice as much in SM.

Finally downloaded Sin and Punishment today. Only had five minutes time to play but I'm already hooked! In fact, SM might just have to wait a while...



Dark_Jedi said:

Totally agree with KQ about Contra, And @ PlayerOne, That's quite rare to get the swimming bros, I've had it once in 15 VC titles.

Super Metroid? one of the finest games ever made.



BJ1 said:

Dang it, you still don't have Yoshi Story? I feel for you Europe.



RoninDennis said:

For those of you interested in Contra 2, you'd better hold your cash for the moment. Apparently the DS Contra 4 game has both NES Contra's as unlockables.



JJ said:

Thanks everyone, I thought ZM was a remake of Super Metroid.
I shall be downloading this!



Stevo said:

Finally!!!! This and LOZ:LTTP probably two of the greatest games ever!!!



yeah i was hopin' for Yoshi story too :-/
i'm skippin Super metroid ... because i'm sure it's in 50Hz and with those Black borders



richufc said:

How is the 50hz-ness of this one? Don't know whether to download this or get a real cart of ebay for my modded SNES.




MrP said:

Same question as richufc. I've got the original PAL SNES cart, but I'd download this if it was the proper speed.



FreddeX said:

FINALLY, this is the (VC) game I've been waiting for since the Wii came out! Too bad I don't have access to my Wii at the moment... >_



Robert said:

True, and it's 50hz, but who cares? It's still the best game ever made.



lavkian said:

Zero Mission is a remake of the original Metroid on NES, and Super Metroid is a continuation of the story. They both, however, take place on Zebes, which is a source for understandable confustion.

Entirely different games nonetheless.



sco0504 said:

lol im stuck already i got the super missile and got to this bit which all my weapons are useless



Steve said:

If it's the place I'm thinking of, immediately after getting the Super Missile, one of the blocks can be broken using the super missiles you just got. Try bombing blocks to get them to reveal their weakness.



Bass_X0 said:

KQ, personally I like the robots. The only reason my parents bought me the original Probotector game on the NES was because it had robots on the packaging and I was into robot toys (Transformers) at the time (still am, lol). So for me, Probotector has always been preferable over Contra.



Manaman said:

I was planning to download Probotector 2 before someone mentioned the possibility of it being in Contra 4, in which case, I'd rather wait for that.



David said:

about time! bought it as soon as i saq it! gotta love this game,music atmoshpere and all!



Rossi said:

Due to the all good reviews and perfect comment i will spend my 800 wii points on it along with Splatterhouse!



Tosky said:

Oh it was as good as I remember, not just have to find all the secret weapons. I want 100%.



Delay said:

I also prefer the robots over these standard action dudes...
Except in Contra: Hard Cops/Probotector (Genesis).
The story (yes it had a story) was cut, the female protagonist gone and the main enemy had a pencer head!
Just a nightmare.



RoninDennis said:

In case you guys didn't know, apparently the Metroid Preview Channel has been on the Wii shop for some time now. I stubled on it by accident when checking Super Metroid position in the favorite software top 20.

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