EU VC Releases - 12th October - Super Metroid

After many long, long months, the time has finally arrived for Europeans: The legendary Super Metroid is now available on VC! In the third Metroid game, Samus travels back to Zebes to dispose of the Space Pirates once and for all. It's one of her longest and greatest adventures ever, and if you haven't played the game before, you honestly owe it to yourself to experience it, as it is often classed among the top games in Nintendo's history. Also, this is the 150th game on the European VC!

Second today is another game that America's had for a fair while - Probotector II (Known as Super C America, the C obviously being for Contra). The second game in the series has the robots going against a bunch of aliens in what is basically more of the same as the original game. If you found the first game too hard, rejoice, as the second game is quite a bit easier. It's not that much easier that it's no challenge at all, though.

Only two games for Europe this week, but both of them are great. Enjoy them!

Note: The past few months, Australia has been getting the same games as Europe, every update. This is slightly different this week - They get Axelay instead of Probotector II!