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Samba De Amigo Coming To Virtual Console

Posted by Sammy Barker

SEGA open the door for Dreamcast games to hit the Wii's Virtual Console starting with rythmn action favourite Samba De Amigo.

US publication Nintendo Power gave the word that Gearbox Software (Brothers in Arms) will be working on the game. Samba de Amigo marks the first time that a Dreamcast title will be heading to Virtual Console but also spells concerns for the Wii's lack of memory. Dreamcast games came packaged on GD-Roms which could hold a fairly ample amount of space on them - space in which the Nintendo Wii cannot cater for due to a lack of hard drive.

With no official announcement from SEGA but more games to follow suite - an announcement from Nintendo regarding a hard drive add-on surely must be imminent.


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get2sammyb said:


Seriously though - Nintendo need to sort out a hard drive now. It doesn't need to be a huge one. 5/10gb maybe?



ReInstall said:

Thats gotta be WiiWare - it would need to use the motion sensing duties of the Wii Remote



Zenman said:

maybe u could hook an external hard drive up using the magic of USB technology



Damo said:

I think this will probably end up being a stand-alone release.

DC games were massive in terms of size, and Samba features a wide range of music tracks that would take up quite a lot of space.

There's nothing to stop Sega releasing this as a full price game - the wii controllers are perfect substitutes for the maracas the DC and arcade versions used.



Damo said:

This has been all but confirmed as a stand-alone Wii release.



shahiR said:

I don't own a Wii anymore ( don't ask ) but can't you save all of your VC games on flashcards?



Damo said:

You can save them to the card but you can't play them from there.

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