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Mario Galaxy's Subliminal Message?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Mario fans spot a 'strange' hidden meaning in the official Super Mario Galaxy logo..

If you look at the title 'Super Mario Galaxy' you will notice stars under some of the letters, (the 'U' in Super for example) now take these letters and spell them out.

sUpeR MaRio GalAxY = UR MR GAY

Now, this isn't a one off, its apparent on ALL the recent official artwork issued by Nintendo, check the box art on most gaming sites, even the Japanese boxart has this same strange message!

Whether it was meant on purpose by someone is another matter, we do have older versions of the logo that doesn't contain this 'hidden message' but for now, Super Mario Galaxy means something else!


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Masterless said:

Haha that could actually be intentional. It seems too unlikely to be a coincidence. Brilliant though.



get2sammyb said:

lol yeah someone showed me this. It took me ages to work out what they were on about though.

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