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EU VC Releases - 21st September - Ninja Week

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

As promised by Nintendo, this week is "Ninja Week", with two new ninja-related games and an unrelated Turbografx game. No real surprises here this week, I'm afraid.

First up is the NES platformer Ninja Gaiden. Originally released in Europe originally as Shadow Warriors, it's a fast-paced ninja platformer with loads of action. Blame Nintendo of Europe for working in odd ways, because for some reason they decided to upload the American version of the game, meaning it costs more Wii Points than normal since we "never got to try it" - 600, to be exact.

Second this week is the game that actually WASN'T released in Europe originally, Ninja JaJaMaru-kun. This arcadey platformer is more fun than other current arcade offerings and can get quite tough later. Do still remember that this is an arcade game though - As usual this means endless and repeating levels. As this is another previously JP-only game, it also gets an inflated price - 600 Wii Points.

Finally this week, it's the Turbografx baseball game, World Class Baseball. Nothing too special here, but at least it's a big improvement on Nintendo's own VC baseball offering, the aptly named Baseball. Might want to check it out.

Two ok games and a great one for Europe today (Although it costs more than normal while it shouldn't, argh!).

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MrP said:

I guess the 100 extra points is what we pay for actually getting to play Ninja Gaiden at 60hz speeds instead of the squashed-screen, 50hz Shadow Warrior.



Shrapnel09 said:

lolz, haha... 600 points? thats a slap in the face if i ever saw one, ha ha ha!

oh well atleast you are playing super mario 2 japan right now. i will download that game as soon as it gets released here in the US.. i only played the stupid updated graphics all stars version, and i wand OLD school! oh well... 2 each his own.. i guess



eltomo said:

Its 6:48 in the morning, I'm tired, and wanna go to bed...

But i'm staying up to download Ninja Gaiden, how sad/cool am I?


__sha bi


sha bi said:

Cripes, what an awful week! I hope people don't get lured in by the festival-frenzy and download this rubbish for the sake of it. Also, I'm guessing sin & punishment will be WP1100... d@mn, that better be a good game.



eltomo said:

100 Wii Points is 70p, which is like $0.35 to US... I dont feel that ripped off =)

I bet Sin and Punishment will be at least 200 Wii Points added!

But its 7:30 now, and I've just enjoyed 3 levels of Ninja fun, I think I got the hang off Wall Jumping =|

Well, time for work!



RoninDennis said:

So they charge 600 WP for putting up the American 60hz version? Hm, seems inappropriate. Why not re-release all the 60hz Sega and SNES games as an update now that, all of a sudden, the VC "region-lock" is apparently out of the window?



Mendez said:

I forgot about the VC releases last night until I saw a post on the forum this morning, I've never had 0% excitement on VC night before, it feels sort of boring.
Announcing games is good, but it'd be even better if they announced games that I actually want!



Eva said:

On the VC store headline about the second week of the Hanabi Festival it does actually say that Ninja Gaiden was previously released in Europe/Australia/New Zealand as Shadow Warriors and that this is the North American release. So they are acknowledging that it isn't an unreleased game. Doesn't explain the extra cost mind.



yeehaw said:

70p is NOT $0.35 - actually it's $1.40... so maybe not that cheap huh?

I really hoped for Sin & Punishment...



KhaoShar said:

I don't think we'll get away with 1100WP for S&P, either. Guess it will be more like 1200- at least >. As I said about last week's releases: WRONG WAY, NINTENDO! I have 2000 points in store and I had hoped Ninja Gaiden to be at 500, so I could get this and some other NES title and safe the last 1000 for S&P. In this sense: "Thanks a lot, Nintendo!!!" *oozing_sarcasm* o_O

If only this developement wasn't going in one direction only. I wouldn't mind that much to pay more for "top-notch"-games if the weaker ones would cost less- as an example, I could imaginge weaklings like "Tennis" or "Baseball" to cost 300 points or less...



eltomo said:


Whoops, your right lol!

I still dont feel ripped off, I would if I was living is US thou! Woop Woop!



Steve said:

You're not making much sense, el_tomo. First off, in the US Ninja Gaiden was released for 500WP, which is $5.00 US. Even if we had been charged 600WP, it would be $6.00 US. From the calculations that are being given here, 100WP = 70p = $1.40USD, so 600 points for EU is 420p, or $8.40USD. You're apparently paying a lot more than the US, so why should we feel ripped off?



superBBQ said:

Since when do games cost more because they feel like it? I had 500 points left that I was saving for a decent NES title and they bump up the price. I am not buying another set of points for that >_>
Not a very good week overall



ante said:

3 game and only trash. I WANT PILOTWING i have been waiting some time nove

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