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EA Get Boogying On DS (and PS2)

Posted by Nick Lewis

EA Montreal have been confirmed as making a DS version of the recently released Wii game Boogie. Release set for November: Gimmicks included...

Electronic Arts, in their wisdom, have confirmed that a DS version of the recently released Wii title Boogie is currently in development at it's Montreal studios. Pop legends such as Kool and the Gang and current favourites like the Black-Eyed Peas are confirmed to appear in the game which, somewhat interestingly, has a new hook for DS users.

Ten minigames and five new modes (copycat, freestyle, choreography, DS download play, and multi-card play) unique to the platform are set to pop out at you thanks to the inclusion of a set of 3D goggles which should enable users, as the name cleverly suggests, to view much of the "action" in 3D.

The press statement alluded to a "holiday" release. However, further investigation revealed that has the game slated for a November the 13th debut. (So presumably that's the following Friday the 16th for all in the UK.)


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