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Wii Menu Updated

Posted by Paul Catlin

A few small changes have been made to the menu and the shopping channel.

There has been a small update to the Wii menu system that Nintendo will have sent you a message about this morning, as long as your Wii is online. The changes are listed below:

  • The time is now displayed on the menu in a big LCD style.
  • The weather channel now shows the current weather conditions on it's channel icon.
  • Today's accomplishments is now white instead of looking like a normal message (yellow)

The shopping channel has also been upgraded with:

  • A new front page with recommended titles easier to select (with titles)
  • Highlights on the announcement messages and the Wii Points item at the bottom of the screen.
  • New ways to find virtual console games to download - Text searching, Browse by publisher, and Popular downloads

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ReInstall said:

Just found out that some USB keyboards are now supported for messaging. I don't have one lying around to test this though, anyone else got this working after the update?



ds_lover59440 said:

I usually go on the Wii Shopping Channel in the morning, and browse for games that I wanna see and download them without Mom or Dad knowing but later they find out and they don`t get mad so LOL! Or I go on the Nintendo Channel and watch stuff... because.. for no reason ha! I soo wanna get the Internet Channel and surf the web and play my online avatars like: on or etc. But, I don`t have any Shopping Points and we never buy Wii Points Cards but someday at Best Buy we WILL buy it! Someday! I KNOW IT!!

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