Wii Menu and Shopping Channel Updated

We're a bit late to the party as you may have already seen the blinking blue light from your Wii beckoning you to check your messages by now. There is a nice surprise today as the Wii firmware has an update due which when applied will add some nice few features to the shopping channel to help you buy your Virtual Console games.

These are the changes to the shopping channel:

  • The main page of the shopping channel now offers recommended games
  • There are several announcement messages and the Wii points item at the bottom of the screen
  • You can now filter by publisher, system, genre to help with selecting which Virtual Console game you want. Also you can do a free text search and check out the most popular downloads (presumably from the current week - not all time!)

There are also a few changes here to the main Wii menu such as the addition of a ugly LCD style clock and news/weather channels show details within the icon to save you clicking into them.

There's a few other bits and pieces as detailed on Vooks. Why not check it out?