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Visit the new and exciting Virtual Console Forums!

Posted by Darren Calvert

Our associated forum, The Virtual Console Forums has undergone a bit of a transformation recently. If you have never visited why don't you check it out? We have a community of almost 400 members and there is always something going on of interest for fans of Nintendo and the Virtual Console.

For those who have already signed up, please update your avatar! It was the only thing lost in the upgrade unfortunately so we've assigned you a random avatar. Apologies if you got Urban Champion!!

Thanks to the forums regulars who dug deep into their own pocket to make this upgrade possible. phpBB was quite limiting in what we could do with it, but now with vBulletin forum software we are able to do much more and most importantly keep the site secure and free from spammers.

Check it out today:

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Mendez said:

@ 2nd Post: Errm, you named yourself after the number post you got in this thread? LOL!

I was unsure about the changes at first, but I'm growing to like them already.
This is my favourite forum ever, if you haven't joined yet, join now!!



Tylo5 said:

Hey it's kinda funny. I started playing punch out and got stuck on King Hippo and that's my rank.



Shortay said:

Yeh I really like the new forum, a lot better looking with great new features



Mendez said:

No it won't. NEVER!
Better buy yourself an N64 and a pricy copy of the game instead.

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