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US VC Releases - 9th July - Air Zonk

Posted by Damien McFerran

Today saw the release of three more Virtual Console games for the North American region, but only one of them is really worth downloading. No prizes for guessing which!

Air Zonk features the futuristic relative of our prehistoric hero Bonk and is a pretty zany side-scrolling 2D shooter. The visuals are bold and impressive - the TG-16 really could dazzle when it wanted to - and the action is exactly what you'd expect - amazing. This really is the only option this week, folks!

Mach Rider and Yoshi aren't terrible games by any means, but they're a bit disappointing. Here at the VCA we can't help but feel that some NES games are getting released just to make up the numbers. If you were a fan of these titles back in the day then you'll obviously enjoy them, but everyone else should just download Air Zonk and be done with it!

Check out this week's reviews: 

Air Zonk - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Points

Mach Rider - NES - 500 Points

Yoshi - NES - 500 Points

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Bass_X0 said:

I wonder how many unsuspecting gamers will be fooled into buying Yoshi simply because its a Mario title.



PowerLegend said:

Beware. Unhappy bitches will be cutting theirselves just cause Paper Mario has not been released.



Kevin said:

@ Bass XO I was and its a fun puzzler! But I might not get it this time around. Eh, only time will tell.



Mendez said:

You got F-Zero X couple of weeks ago and your actually expecting Paper Mario already?
I hope we get it a few weeks in front, just to make you suffer like you did and still are with Super Paper Mario!




Another really bad week for us in the US. Although I would consider both Yoshi and Zonk to be mediocre games but Mach Rider is a horrible game.



720isback said:

Air Zonk looks retarded.

Still waiting on paper mario, yoshis island and super metroid here!



Spore said:

You guys are so impatient. If you really want a game go buy a physical cartridge copy. Considering I just got my Wii 2 days ago I can finally look into the games I don't care enough to actually buy a cartridge for but am still interested in.



rman said:

I bet if instead of that crap yoshi game or very dated mach rider they gave River City Ransom Nintendo would have actually have a few sales this week....dumb marketing dept! HAHA



jg233 said:

I have to agree; this week was bad. I hope that we get Paper Mario next week.. or at least in July.



ben said:

the games look soo much better on an hd tv over the component cables, believe me i wish i could get the same quality out of my n64.

and of course majoras mask? super metriod?



Ash said:

Eh? I went to download Air Zonk and it wasn't there. Just Yoshi and Mach Rider.

Anyone else had this problem?



Beastdrop said:

Lord stop crying for Paper Mario, and download a game that's actually worth the 600 points. Air Zonk is truly a classic. One of the best shooters the Turbo had to offer, graphics were unique, different music for every stage. You can't knock it, until you've tried it. There is more to gaming, then just Mario. Step out of you protective shells, and experience a classic!



PowerLegend said:

LOL@ Air Zonk looks . That means coming from someone who hasn't even played it. <br> <br>Mach Rider is great as well. <br> <br>Btw Mendez, I hope you guys don't get it first



chiefeagle02 said:

I used to have Yoshi for the Game Boy and I thought it was a great puzzler. While it lacks the timelessness of games like Tetris and Dr. Mario, it was still a good alternative for puzzle junkies.

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