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US VC Releases - 23rd July - Shining Force

Posted by Damien McFerran

It's turned-based tomfoolery ahoy in this month's selection of US Virtual Console games - Sega's amazing Shining Force is here and whatever your viewpoint on this genre it simply begs to be downloaded. This is the original and best version of the game - ok, so the recent GBA port looked nice, but the gameplay was tinkered with in the most shameful fashion.

We also have that cute little nutsack that is Kirby! Ok, so he's the kind of mascot you'd imagine your kid sister liking, but you can't deny that 'Kirbs' has starred in some pretty dope games in his time and Dream Course is no exception. Well worth a gander.

Bringing up the rear is the BEST PINBALL GAME EVA - Devil's Crush. Ever wondered what would happen is Clive Barker created a pinball table? Well wonder no more, Naxat's classic title is here for you to download. Not for the easily scared!

Wow, three must-have downloads in one week! Surely no one can moan about this fine selection?

Oops, I shouldn't have said that.

Check out the reviews here:

Shining Force - Sega Genesis - 800 Points

Kirky's Dream Course - Super Nintendo - 800 Points

Devil's Crush - Turbografx-16 - 600 Points

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Mendez said:

Kirky's Dream Course XD

Shining Force looks alright but I won't be getting it on our Megadrive day. Moneys tight atm



SMBSS said:

Wow, this is a really good week. Shining Force is one of my favorite turn-based RPGs, I have Kirby's dream Course already, and Devil's Crush is just sweet



Jazzem said:

Wow, I want to play Shining Force (For the first time may I add), I guess that's something to look forward to on Mega Drive week =]



PlayerOne said:

Well, I kind of hope we get Shining Force on Friday, but then I also only have 600 points left.



Jonno said:

I must download... ALL OF THEM! Of course, I'll download Shining Force (I'm a sucker for tactical RPGs) first with my 1000 Points left then Kirby's Dream Course (pretty much the best golf game on the VC) and Devil's Crush. (which is awesome, just a little less than Shining Force)



John said:

Wow 2 weeks in a row we get good games. I might have to get Shining Force since I never owned a Genesis and I heard it was a really good game.



Kelvin said:

Oh, by the way, the best pinball game, ahem, "eva" is Pinball Fantasies, but we won't be seeing that, for obvious reasons.



Ahwmigard said:

"Cute little nutsack"?

I guess the usage of that word is ah ... different in the UK than it is here in the US



Dazza said:

Amusingly I think nutsack has the same meaning universally!

Naughty Damo!!



Marioman64 said:

i love kirby ^.^

i just got back from vacation where i couldn't find ANY wifi access at all! it was terrible... but now im all better, yay internet. i was kinda hoping for yoshis story or rayman 2 though

and lolz its sunday! which means i get to see 3 MORE new games tomorrow! 6 new games in 2 days! im so lucky (not that ill buy them all but you know what i mean right?)

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