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TurboGrafx-16 in Australia from 7th July

Posted by Darren Calvert

As we reported back in early June Hudson have finally sorted out the legalities of selling TurboGrafx games in the Australian region on the Virtual Console. The first batch of 11 games is indicated to be ready for download on the 7th July as follows:

Alien Crush
Bomberman '93
Bonk's Adventure
Dungeon Explorer
Military Madness
Soldier Blade
Super Star Soldier
Victory Run

At some point later in July the following games are due:

Battle Lode Runner
Bonk's Revenge
Chew Man Fu
Double Dungeons
Dragon's Curse
New Adventure Island

That really doesn't leave many games missing from the current EU list. Hopefully the Australian list will be fully up to date in August and then future Virtual Console releases will completely mirror the normal EU schedules. At least we hope so!

Read more on Hudson's VC site.

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JD1 said:

Is this a good sign that we may all get games that were not released in our region?



Dazza said:

I doubt MSX will be available for the US or EU honestly. We will most likely be getting Commodore 64 on the VC.



grayOlorin said:

dazza- that would be cool too I guess I am a system coolection junkie. Yeah i think msx may not make it here, but one can always hope. Other than translating the games, it probably would not be too expensive I think.

I would love to see the MG games as well as some of the nes remakes such as FF 1 (I even heard that the enemies are in different places in the msx version...)



RGVEDA said:

I hope we will get MSX and Neo Geo. Europe never get the Turbografx but now we have it. So that could be a good chance, that we will get MSX and Neo Geo, too.



Kouta said:

Oops, already got myself Battle Lode Runner and BOmberman 93... I suppose Ill just wait for the TG16 to come here so I can get New Adventure Island.



Nasretin said:

Europe didn't officially get the TurboGrafx, it was only available as a grey import in parts of GB and Spain and there never was a PAL version of it (according to Wikipedia). The Neo Geo did get an official European PAL release, but I think it wasn't very popular due to the high cost.



mummydaddy said:

All we need to know now is when the rest of us get MSX. Ohh and by the way aussies if you have enough mates I highly reccomend Battle Loderunner and of course Bomberman.

__poppa pump


poppa pump said:

I actually feel bad for the Aussies...from now on they can look forward to at least 1 crappy TG16 game almost every week like us in the US.



Dazza said:

I would imagine so, aren't you like the same country anyway? (joking!!)



TBoneTony said:

I have got some of them just yesterday. That is when us Aussies finally got them.

I got Bonks Adventure, Bomberman and R-Type.

They are three awsome games. But you have to be careful because just like the NES games, there are some really good games allong with some really bad games. So this site is always where I go to to find the great gems that are worth my hard earned Wii points.

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