Play Wii Picross Today!

One of the first dedicated Wii flash game sites, offers you a quick way to play the popular puzzles on your Wii.

" offers a daily Puzzle of the Day, a how-to-play guide, 16 exclusive feature puzzles designed to build your puzzling skills from scratch, as well as custom made Link Puzzles and a constantly growing library of user created puzzles. Anyone with a web browser can design, play and share their own puzzles for free at

A fully featured online puzzle editor enables anyone to make their own personal doodle into a challenging logic puzzle. With either a Wii Remote or a computer mouse, designers can test and edit their puzzles until they're just right. After submitting their puzzle, they can challenge their friends to play it, or they may see it featured as the Puzzle of the Day. also provides friendly user forums for sharing puzzle designs and puzzle solving tips."

Point your Wii at and follow the instructions, don't forget to "Learn How to Play" if you've never tried it before, something to keep you busy for at least 10 minutes.