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US VC Releases - 25th June - SF2 Turbo

Posted by Damien McFerran

American gamers - eat, drink and be happy - Nintendo does love you after all! F-Zero X has finally been released so you can stop all the moaning and groaning.

One of the finest games on the N64, this really needs to be downloaded by everyone. It remains impressive even to this day, with loads of craft on-screen and blisteringly fast racing action. 1000 points well spent.

If futuristic, high speed racing isn't your bag, then maybe you'd like some fighting action in the shape of the excellent Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting. More of an update than a fully fledged game, the increase in speed really makes all the difference here. The chance to play as the four boss characters also ranks as a nice addition.

The final game is the dire Turbografx-16 fighter China Warrior - well, I suppose it would have been a bit much to expect three must-have titles in one week.

So there you have it. Two excellent titles and one not so good. I assume most people will blow their points on F-Zero X, but at least this week you have a decent second choice in the form of SF2 Turbo!

Download and be happy, friends!

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Bass_X0 said:

A good week for Americans. Both F-Zero X and Street Fighter II Turbo are awesome games.

Hey, never seen that Chun-Li vs. Ryu artwork before.



morphballer said:

Nothing for me this week. Already bought SFII Turbo and F-Zero X when they first came out and I have better versions now (arcade and GC).



DynamicCockattoo said:

About F'ing time! I was getting tired of crappy titles, I just downloaded F-zero and well I'll wait for Super Street fighter to download a Street Fighter....



whiteshadow said:

i knew f-zero would come to america sooner or later,ah wel the exclustivity was nice while it lasted



Bass_X0 said:

F-Zero GX isn't better than F-Zero X. Looks a whole lot better, yeah but I prefer F-Zero X. I wonder if the U.K. will get SFIITurbo this week too?



Shiyo said:

F-ZERO GX is better, IMO. It's got better graphics, tighter controls, a blindingly fast pace, more tracks and tons of unlockables.

Anyway, I'm happy you US people got FZX, it's an awesome game in its own right.



Steve said:

Well, this proves it. No matter how good the release day is, people will still find something to whine about.

Two excellent releases in one week is more than I could have hoped for. Very happy, but now I just need to figure out which to spend my money on first.



lavkian said:

SF2T would be more exciting if Nintendo were on the ball about online capabilities. Same goes for F-Zero.

Still waiting on Terranigma, Super Metroid and Majora's Mask.



moray said:

the arrival of F-zero X has convinced me write my first comment, I just love that game so much



teedub said:

Seriously. The UK gets SMB2 and Mega Man, and they're making us wait for HOW LONG until we get them over here? I don't want many titles, but those two are essential. I want more 5-star NES titles soon.



strictlybeats said:

@ lavkian

I disagree about making titles online (I assume you mean online multi-player) - this was not how the games were designed and I don't believe it would be worth extra cost and the extra wait to get online functionality. There's a bunch of games that are being designed to be multi player online - buy them instead. Mario Strikers is cool and here's hoping that Wii F-zero will be online enabled.



ben said:

we already have a street fighter game for the snes, where is super metriod. this is the first n64 game i am not buying. im glad its out of the way, on to paper mario.



VCnovice said:

Now we're talking. F-Zero X, here I come!

Now Wave Race 64 and Extreme G2 need to make their way here...



Schmim said:

Now that F-Zero X is out, all i really want to wait for now is Super metroid and Chrono Trigger



Marioman64 said:

I'm pretty happy today. I loved f-zero gx for gamecube and i haven't tried the N64 one so it should be fun. also, i found my paper mario game... and my gameshark ^.^ woohoo! one of the beta/unused badges puts mario on autopilot in fighting... but i don't know which one. it's awesome so that'll tide me over till it comes to vc

now i just need some wii points to buy f-zero



whiteshadow said:

n64 games are the bargains cos there 200 points above snes and MD,yet they can be miles better.very little people have seen f-zero x so its arguably the best game on the entire VC



Steve said:

@Strictly Beats:

I would LOVE to see online play in these classic games. It would really go a long way to revitalize them. Also, who said anything about added cost or wait?? Nintendo could easily add the online functionality to games they've already released, even if it means requiring you to re-download them. And nobody's suggesting a price hike. We're already paying $5-$10 for games that are several years old; Nintendo shouldn't ask for more than that.



Don-Bon said:

Eh, not a good week for me. Nothing I really want to get. Maybe Street Fighter but only if nothing interesting comes out for awhile.
Oh well, maybe next week.



i8cookie said:

I'm starting to think that they can't convert snes FX chip games for the VC. They never managed to get them for the emulators, unless some advances have been made since i stopped playing mine



Dazza said:

@Russ - SNES emulators on the PC can all mostly emulate Star Fox / Star Wing. When was the last time you tried? ZSNES does this no problem and has done for years.



Steve said:

I agree with Dazza, the Wii should have no trouble emulating the FX chip along with the SNES hardware at the same time. One would assume the company that made the hardware in the first place would be in the best position to emulate it properly.



ben said:

@russ i agree with dazza and steve, if they can do n64 games, then the fx chip should not be a problem.



Bass_X0 said:

love the videos you added. a much needed addition. i noticed that not all games have a video - maybe there could be an icon by the games name on the lists when they have a video added?



i8cookie said:

thats true, didnt know zsnes could do star fox, when i was using it they couldnt get mario kart running! time will tell i guess, cant wait to play star fox again, and yi

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