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No Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 For Wii

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Konami have today announced details for the latest PES game, no mention of Wii though, only the DS for Nintendo this time.

"Marking the series’ first appearance on PLAYSTATION®3, and its second Xbox 360 outing, these and the PC-DVD ‘Next Generation’ versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008’s are further enhanced by stunning aesthetic elements. Player detail has been taken to incredible levels with full facial animation and the high-definition detail afforded by the hardware used to show full movement and subtle details to the various kits during the course of a match. All ‘Next Gen’ versions will also benefit from an extensive Edit mode, allowing gamers to customise their PES experience."

Fap fap fap no real surprise here, I guess Konami have realised that the Wii controls don't really suit a footie game, and that's a fair defence. Wiiers will just have to stick with Mario Smash Football for now, it could be considered a slight insult that PS2 will be getting a new PES but Wii won't, shame that.

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Damo said:

This is where we might see a slight gap opening up - as you say, the Wii is not suited to the control system used in PES - every button on the PS2 pad is used in some manner - so it looks like Wii owners will miss out, unless Konami kunckle down and actually try and produce a realistic soccer game that can make use of motion sensitive controls. Surely it's possible! Swinging the wiimote to determine the force of your kick could be quite a neat idea.

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