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Europe VC Releases - 8th June - Adventures of Lolo

Posted by Darren Calvert

Europe didn't quite make it to the 100 game mark this week. Today's releases take the EU library to the 99th game so next week might be a biggie. Still it's not all bad this week! Many hardened retro gamers will be delighted to hear that Adventures of Lolo is finally out. Lolo is a great example of the old NES top down puzzler, these sort of games were a dime a dozen but Lolo stood out as one of the best. It is well worth a look and comes highly recommended.

Many gamers will already know Balloon Fight, it's Nintendo's cute version of Joust. It's already available to play as a sub-game on several games. It can be fun for a while, especially in 2 players but probably won't hold your attention for that long.

Finally this week we have Dead Moon on the TG-16. Yet another shoot-em-up for the system! This time it's a horizontally scrolling type, it is fun for a while but lacks the charm or replay value of heavy hitters like R-Type.

Read the reviews here:

Adventures of Lolo - NES - 500 Points

Balloon Fight - NES - 500 Points

Dead Moon - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Points

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RGVEDA said:

I hope we will get the other 10 Games, that the USA have, soon.

Legend of Kage, for example, got the US at 19th of February




JODIsBack said:

Let's see if i can list them

1. Legend of Kage (Horrible game)
2. Ninja Gaiden (Good game)
3. Bravoman (Good game)
4. Tecmo Bowl (Good game, Unreleased in Europe, I think)
5. Elevator Action (Bad game)
6. Gradius 3 (Good game)
7. Milon's Secret Castle (Good game)
8. J J and Jeff (Bad game)
9. Ordyne (Good game)
10. Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4: Wall of Fire (Bad game)

I doubt you'll get those soon.



RGVEDA said:

@ a gamer

Thanks for the listing

The most games are good games. I hope we will get them all soon.




Bustacap said:

i hope we'll get paper mario or f-zero x next week. i need a new n64 game xD



C3dke said:

I'll pass this week...
I hope next week it's time for Paper Mario as 100th game. With the oncoming relaese of the WII version in EU, it just may be ^^



baz_low said:

talking of paper mario - anyone heard WHEN the Super Paper Mario is out in Europe? I mean Mario Strikers Charged is a good enough stop gap for a while..... But i want SPM dammit!!



KQ said:

Yay! I've been keeping aside 500pts for when Balloon Fight finally turns up, now I get to spend 'em!



Kevin said:

Not a bad week for you guys. I can now look forward to Lolo and Balloon Fight being released in the future.



Mega_X_Gundam said:

oh boy more games i'v never heard of.....waaa whens a Good RPG going to make it the the Wii or VC? come one Super Mario RPG save me!!



Shrapnel09 said:

"the adventures of lolo? you better of saved the receipt", come on, someone out there who watches has to know what that is from.

anyway if and when this gets released in US i think i will download it based off that line, besides i could use a good puzzle game.



ben said:

even if Nintendo releases 4 games a week for the next 5 years, thats only 1040 games total, there are about 750 snes games, 300 n64 games, and 800 mega drive games, plus all of the nes and turbo grafix games. my point is that Nintendo needs to speed up the release schedule if they want to release most of these great games.

weeks like this one should have like a dozen random nes snes and md games.



Steve said:

"there are about 750 snes games, 300 n64 games, and 800 mega drive games, plus all of the nes and turbo grafix games."

You're forgetting that Nintendo can only legally release those they own the copyright to, or else they have to get permission from the publisher to release it on VC. Also, while there may have been about 750 SNES games, that doesn't mean there were nearly that many *good* games.



TheReaFONZ said:

still holdin out for yoshi story that game was under appreciated.
and anyone know anymore on that whole RARE-Nintendo thing?
cause banjo kazooie ROCKED.



Thores said:

You guys currently have a much better retro first party collection than we do.



ben said:

to steve

i personally love a lot of random N64 games like the turok series, and starwars shadows of the empire, but those are not necessarily super popular games, there surely not as popular as zelda or mario, or metriod etc. but i would like to see them on the vc, and with all of the people that are excited by balloon fight im sure that there are others who want to see lots of random games that are not top sellers.

i stand by my comment of Nintendo needing to ramp up how quickly they release the games. if they want to release even most of their games.



Bass_X0 said:

FONZ, basically Rare have left Nintendo to join Microsoft. Any of Rare's games (except those with Nintendo licenses like the DKC series) will not be on Virtual Console. Banjo and Conker were removed from the DS Diddy Kong Racing because those two characters are effectively not allowed on Nintendo consoles anymore.



RGVEDA said:

Next Friday Europe will get J.J. & JEFF.

This Month Europe and the USA will get: China Warrior and Bloody Wolf

Plus the USA: World Sports Competition




Jack said:

Yup, no Banjo.

Anyone expecting or hoping for Paper Mario in the UK this coming Friday: it isn't gonna happen, end of. Japan hasn't got it yet, let alone anywhere else. It's more likely to be F-Zero X, but even then it's debatable whether NOE is even going to make light of the fact that one of the games released next week is going to be the hundredth.

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