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Europe VC Releases - 22nd June - Mega Man

Posted by Darren Calvert

It was always going to be a tough act to beat following last week's release of F-Zero X on the N64. Still it's as if Nintendo of Europe is not even trying! Here are this week's new releases:

Mega Man - NES - 500 Points
This is where it all started. Capcom's cute robot blaster franchise all started here 20 years ago. The graphics and sound are very dated now but the gameplay is still great fun. Be warned this game is tough as nails and will make you want to throw your classic controller through the TV screen. If you stick with it Mega Man is a fun challenge and a welcome addition to the Virtual Console library.

China Warrior - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Points
Also known as 'The Kung Fu' in Japan. This game was one of the first games on the PC Engine / TurboGrafx console. Back then gamers were really taken aback by the huge colourful sprites, smooth animation and awesome soundtrack. However this 'Kung Fu Master' is just not a fun game. It's fun for about 5 minutes and quickly becomes dull and repetitive due to any lack of variety. Download this at your peril.

So that's it for this week. Keep smiling! Maybe you needed to spend more time outdoors in the sun anyway!

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Sam said:

So come on then, when do we get Paper Mario then?
Bit of a poor mix this time around but I always did enjoy Magaman all those years ago - maybe for nostalgia I will give it another whirl...

Puts on those rose tinted glasses.



Shrapnel09 said:

i own the collectors edition for both this and mega man X... i am willing to re-buy the first few mega man X games, but not these!

i grew up in the 80's and i thought mega man 2 was pretty fun and all, but now playing the original mega man games i am in disgust at its gameplay. I'm sure it was cool and original back in the day.. but not now, there are sooo many times when playing this game, wishing the level designer was sitting next to me so i could punch him in the face every time i died from falling on spikes that i couldnt even see until it was too late!!!

... but for some strange reason i always find my self going back to play it, i dont know why i feel the urge to play this horrid game... its evil i tell you! EEEVVVIIIILL!!!



Eric42 said:

How come Europe does seem to get some decent games a good bit earlier than the US all the time? Mega Man is one of the best games on the NES (yes, very tough... so freakin' tough...)



ben said:

wtf is wrong with Nintendo these days 2 games at a time for both europe and the us, next week had better be awesome

granted mega man is awesome 2 would have been better.
i hope the us gets super metroid to make up for this last abysmal week.



crops55 said:

Don't you dare complain about this week. Who couldn't love Megaman? I'm just happy to see it may be around the corner for U.S. gamers. And now that one is out, two shouldn't be too far off.



Sam said:

Finally! I've been waiting for this since even before the Wii was released. Lets hope they put out the sequels rapidly.



JD1 said:

So are we only going to get decent games every 100 games?



lol JD
anyway i was reading somewhere that capcom was supposed to release all Megaman Games at once .... why didn't they do that?

and at this rate we will never gonna see all good games on VC -_-



strictlybeats said:

Why is everyone so miserable; one man's F-Zero X is another man's Megaman. We all have nostalgic feelings for some games that only a handful of others care about. I'm waiting for Super R-Type and I bet a bunch of people moan the day that hits. Let's respect the fact that a few people will really want Megaman. The other one this week - well I guess moan away!



Steve said:

VERY jealous that the UK has Megaman and the US doesn't. Over here we appreciate good games. =P

Seriously, it might be only a 2-game week, but I'd be thrilled if they had released Megaman all by itself. Talk about an awesome classic!

Also, it's really not THAT hard -- just remember to whip out your lightning gun and repeatedly pause the game. ^_^



Shrapnel09 said:

here here StricklyBeats, you have spoken words that many should follow. if only NOA and or NOE would release a monthly schedule to tell us what would be coming up in the following week so there wouldnt be near as many mindless whinnying complaints that do nothing to bring whatever game they want to VC any sooner.

(ofcourse a public release schedule will only hurt nintendo since more people would be willing to wait for a good game they know is coming soon and be more unlikely to download a less popular game before hand.)

Regarding mega man, i am well aware how popular and overrated the series and this particular game is... however i didnt question the release schedule or another game that could take its place, simply the game itself. I currently have 31 VC games downloaded and whenever there is a week with nothing good, i just go back and get more time in my other downloaded games until then... patience is key.



Storm101 said:

Mega Man isn't really anything to brag to about, since US gamers have Anniversary collection which is a much better deal. Mega Man 2 and 3 are pretty much where it's at anyway.

And the general consensus is that Paper Mario is coming in July.



VCnovice said:

Any word on when Capcom gets with the program and brings it stateside?

I look forward to Mega Man 2 & 4.



Starwolf_UK said:

"Mega Man isn't really anything to brag to about, since US gamers have Anniversary collection which is a much better deal."

Few things:
-Never came out in Europe.
-Having to go through the interface isn't as instant as the Wii channels are
-A and B are the wrong way round



Storm101 said:

"Few things:
-Never came out in Europe.
-Having to go through the interface isn't as instant as the Wii channels are
-A and B are the wrong way round "

I know it never came out in Europe, that's why I said it was nothing for Europe to brag that they got Mega Man 1 on VC when we have Anniversary Collection.

Actually it is if you leave the disc in...

That's just a matter of preference. I personally have no problem with it.



Storm101 said:

Nevermind, I know what you meant now. Sure, it's faster, but does that even really matter? You're still saving around $20 and once you exit a game on the collection it's just as quick as the Wii Channels because you're already there. And as far as the buttons, there's a PS2 and X-Box version anyway.



morphballer said:

Wow, you never got Mega Man AC in Europe?! That sucks. Did you miss out on Capcom CC too?



Vezzeroni said:

The Mega Man games are all available on the collection on Gamecube. Lame! We need MONSTER PARTY!!



William said:

I am very dissapointed. They should tone down the amount of nes and turbo graphix games, give us more snes games like mario paint. Everyone is up so early!



Mega_X_Gundam said:

oh boy Mega Man! oh wait I have the collection on GC. NEVER MIND THEN!!! man come on Big N give me Super Mario RPG we need a RPG on the Wii thats not 8 bit crap!!

__Brett Celinski


Brett Celinski said:

Just get the Megaman Collection for Gamecube, you can probably snag it at retail for $20, and it has everything.

We need more rare (and good) N64 games, SNES and Genesis/Megadrive RPGs (Seiken Densetsu 3??!?? That's my most insane dream of all), and hell, maybe even some Saturn games as well (Silhouette Mirage?)



Drake said:

Stop suggesting Mega Man Anniversary Collection, it wasn't released in Europe.



Razor61289 said:

Where's the 3 games a week gone. Wheres Kirby's Deamland 3 or TMNT2. I'm waiting for double dragon and super mario kart on the SNES. I don't think China warrior will be very good. Megaman might be ok.



azykial said:

Sorry about the suggestion on the collection, I was unaware that it was not made available in Europe

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