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Europe VC Releases - 1st June - Sega goodies

Posted by Darren Calvert

Much like last month Sega release there of their classic back catalogue on the Virtual Console in Europe. Gamers will be delighted to finally get their greasy mitts on Streets of Rage 2 finally, for many this is considered the holy grail of two player scrolling beat em ups. Kid Chameleon and Toejam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron are also up for grabs. Both are average examples of the platform genre unfortunately. Other Sega platformers such as Sonic and Ristar are much more accomplished.

Not to be out done Hudson muscle in to release World Sports Competition. They might as well not have bothered, unless you are a die-hard Olympics fan you are not going to have much fun playing this. The 5 player mode might interest some however.

Here are the reviews for this week:

Streets of Rage 2 - Megadrive - 800 Points

Kid Chameleon - Megadrive - 800 Points

ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron - Megadrive - 800 Points

World Sports Competition - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Points

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Bass_X0 said:

Even though three are average games, its always good to see four titles available in one week. It gets the average games out of the way quicker. I'm guessing at F-Zero X next week as a download.



DEMON212 said:

Anyone else kinda not loving SOR 2?

After re-playing it for half an hour, i'm not enjoying it half as much as SOR 1.



ryohazuki1983 said:

Lot of good games there, SOR 2 is the best in the series, a classic! already got the 1st on VC maybe i'll get this one as well. Want to buy Kid Chameleon though - wish they'd lower the prices, as at the moment I buy one a week, if they were lower i'd buy more and they'd make just as much money of me.



Flash said:

I always did prefer SoR2 to the third installement however in terms of the 'holy grail' of side scrolling beat em ups I still think Final Fight 3 on the SNES is superior in almost every department.



Mart said:

I agree, you cant charge someone 800 points to play Kid Chameleon and the same amount to play Streets of Rage 2 simply because of the sheer difference in quality in the games. Maybe Nintendo should link up with VC Reviews and charge by their rankings? 5 star games are worth 800, 4 star games are worth 700, 3 star 600, 2 star and less are cheaper still at 500. It will never happen though, Nintendo would rather employ their own team to rate the games, and rather still to leave things as they are, but hey, you never know, lol.



Steve said:


So in other words you want them to increase the price of the really good games we're all gonna be buying, and only make the crappy games nobody wants affordable?

No thanks.



Mart said:

@ Steve - lower yes, increase no.

I was referring to the Genesis games in my example which are already priced at 800 points regardless of if they are good, average or bad. I'm just saying that if they lowered the price of games such as Kid chameleon or Toe jam and earl to say 600 points based on a rating, a lot more people like ryohazuki1983 and myself might take an interest in them. Streets of Rage 2 will be bought at any 800 points anyway because it's good but the other's not so imo.



Dazza said:

Nintendo just need to figure out a way of crediting vc-reviews for every game sold as a result of our reviews! hehe



Ste said:

Can SOR2 be played with a GC controller? If so is it comfortable so to speak or are the buttons all over the shop? I'm desperate to download it but dont have a Classic Control Pad!



Steve said:

SOR2 can be played with just the Wii Remote, except that the A button is in a bad location (next to the D-pad). I haven't tried with the GC controller, but all VC games to date can be controlled with one. (Whether or not they're PLAYABLE that way is another discussion)



Dazza said:

morph - lol that may be more accurate. Axel is a bit muffled

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