Dojo Talks Brawl Controls

Proof that the Wii controls won't work for everything, Nintendo opt for a 4 way control system on upcoming Super Smash Bros Brawl.

"The Nintendo Wii really is a versatile piece of hardware. I mean, when it comes to controllers, there are pretty much four different types.

I guess I have no choice but implement them all! There’s no need to be confused about what does what—just choose the play style you prefer! I suppose I would recommend the Nintendo GameCube controller, though. I like the feel of that powerful rumble.

Still, try out the other controls—they definitely give you a fresh experience. Hmm? How do you do smashes and dashes with just the Wii Remote? If I get the chance to tell you, I will."

Smash Bros. fans everywhere will be relived they won't have to throw every single punch or smash with their hands, don't pack away those Gamecube pads just yet!


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