US VC Releases - 14th May - Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Spirit

North American retro gamers get a double dose of ninja action with Temco's excellent Ninja Gaiden for the NES and Irem's answer to this in the shape of Ninja Spirit on the TurboGrafx. Both are excellent games are deserve your full attention. Ninja Gaiden is a bit more of a traditional plaformer and not as hard as Ninja Spirit as it was designed with the home audience in mind. Ninja Spirit is a fine arcade conversion and requires a lot of skill to play which is fair enough as no one said being a ninja is easy.

To complete today's offering the rather strange choice of Pac-Man was decided upon! We should have called today's news story 'two ninjas and a dot munching yellow ball'!!

A very good week on the whole. Still no sign of Zelda 2 but you can't have em all!

Check out the reviews here:

Ninja Gaiden - NES - 500 Points

Ninja Spirit - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Points

Pac-Man - NES - 500 Points