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Impossible Mission - the first non-VC game!

Posted by Darren Calvert

System 3 seems set to be the first publisher to put out a game for download from the Wii Shop which is brand new in the shape of a reworked Impossible Mission. Well at least according to the June issue of Nintendo Power.

We'll be reviewing these new non-Virtual Console games of course as and when they come out. It'll be interesting to see what Nintendo allow to be released and if they impose a maximum filesize so the Wii's internal memory doesn't get filled up with one or two games!

Kudos to Infendo for the story

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RMA said:

Wow...the cover to the game takes me back. Not as dusty as the last time I saw it though...



yeehaw said:

Yessssssssss!!! Exclusive games for the VC! I've been waiting for this!
This is gonna be off tha chain yawl!!!



fail:safe said:

Does this mean anyone (with the know how) could make a game for the VC? that would be sweet.



Delv said:

How much memory is this likely to take up? Already near the limit on internal memory. I do have a 2Gb SD, but is that enough?



Dazza said:

It's likely the early non-VC downloadable games will be quite small. Nintendo need to start allowing users to play games directly from the SD card. The 512MB limit of internal memory will become a problem especially when Neo Geo games are on the VC!



Kelvin said:

So I wonder what "system" this is running on? I mean, to be a VC game, new or not, it either has to run on one of the bundled emulators (NES/SNES/etc) or has to have its own bundled with the game (C64?). I'd love to know how this is actually going to work.



neuzd said:

This is not going be a virtual console game.
The system running this software is likely to be the Wii itself.

It's nothing more than a downloadable game instead of a boxed one.
Think about it as a new Channel like INternet Channel or Everybody Votes.
I bet it will be available in the Wii Ware part of the shop; otherwise if Nintendo decide to move it in VC, that's because of people are used to find games in there.



pidge said:

No one has any concrete evidence on this!!

Why woudl SYSTEM 3 release a Disc based version then a VC version appear (not to mention a DS version!)

Jesus fecking christ, when will someone in the know give us some decent info!

Back in the day the C64 game was great but lets be honest a VC remake of the original aint worth 500 points let alone any more!



DEMON212 said:

Neu, i'd say think of it as Geomotry Wars or Boom Boom Rocket and the likes. XBL does loads of original games. And it was said that the VC would do too.



neuzd said:

I don't know, probably I said it wrong...I find your comments in line with what I believe....

You may change the word "system" with "platform" in my previous post...that may be more correct.

I mean, VIRTUAL console are those emulated...the Wii is REAL. Ok?
IM si going to be a game for the it's not a VC game...well I noticed, read the title of this article...

I may also didn't understand your comments, that's an option!
Sorry for that, but I really can't understand why you're saying these things to me...



Jack said:

It's not a Virtual Console game, no. But it'll still be available from the Wii Shop Channel as a Wii title.

Oh, and apparently it'll be out in Europe on 13 July. 28 June in Australia.



PowerLegend said:

apparently this is false news

b/c impossible mission for the wii will have 3 modes
and merged (classic w/ better graphics)

if it's going to have all that, releasing impossible mission on the wii shop would be a waste of time

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