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GAME Aquires Gamestation

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Leading gaming store GAME buys its rival Gamestation and seeks to takeover the high-street gaming market in the UK.

It was announced yesterday that GAME had bought the entire Gamestation stores for a total of £74 million. Whilst this comes as abit of a surprise, all is not lost as GAME promise to develop the brands independently.

GAME - Mainstream model, appealing to the “mass market”, Catering for all gaming, Focused customer service, Clear and simple store environment.

Gamestation - Strength in serving the core gamer, Business model developed “by gamers for gamers”, Strong pre-owned offering, Tailored to appeal to the male games enthusiast

So there you have it, nothings really changed, GAME is still for mum's and Gamestation is still for nerds.


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Extreme said:

Thank god. I always pick up my Ninty merch and retro games in Gamestation. If they'd have changed that...



antdickens said:

Sammy, yeah.. looks like its gonna be the same kinda deal as before, at least for now.



Nanaki said:

Yeah, I think that how it is.

I work in GameStation, so I will know soon enough. I don't think it would make too much sense to merge the companies into one unit. Game and GameStation are distinctly different and appeal to different kinds of gamers.

... and I like the image comment Ant

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