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Europe VC Releases - 25th May - Super Mario Bros 2

Posted by Darren Calvert

Another excellent week for the European Virtual Console. OK so you didn't get Streets of Rage 2! Super Mario Bros 2 should more than make up for it! The black sheep of the Mario family will keep you entertained for ages. Mach Rider isn't going to turn..

Another excellent week for the European Virtual Console. OK so you didn't get Streets of Rage 2! Super Mario Bros 2 should more than make up for it! The black sheep of the Mario family will keep you entertained for ages. Mach Rider isn't going to turn heads these days but it's not a bad game. Blazing Lazers (AKA Gunhed) is outstanding however. Many players will no doubt overlook this in favour of Mario 2 which is a shame, buy both!

Here's the reviews:

Super Mario Bros 2 - NES - 500 Points
In this sequel to the best-selling video game of all time, take a unique journey to the dream world of Subcon to save its people from the foul frog tyrant, Wart.

Mach Rider - NES - 500 Points
It is the year 2112 and Earth has been taken over by evil forces. As a lone motorcycle warrior, you must battle the invaders while racing from sector to sector in search of survivors. You are Earth's last hope. You are Mach Rider!

Blazing Lazers - Turbografx-16 - 600 Points
Blazing Lazers is a vertical-scrolling shooter that was praised for surpassing the limitations of the hardware of its time. Players control the extraordinary firepower of their Gunhed Star Fighter to take on the Dark Squadron that has begun its invasion of Earth. Collect power-ups to increase your ship's battle strength to cut through enemies and defeat the bosses in all 9 areas.

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eltomo said:

Do you think after releasing all the mario games, they will bring out mario allstars and annoy anyone who brought the games? (Except for lovers of the old versions)



calcifer said:

One of the most original Mario's AND one of the best shooters in the history of videogaming. Glad I saved some Wiipoints.
Off topic: Dammit nintendo, when will we have a release date for Super Paper Mario?



RMA said:

Not a bad week...just a bit 'meh' after all the expectation of SoR2! Will download Blazing Lazers this weekend.



KEEF said:

I want Streets of rage 2 damnit.



Eva said:

I really don't see Nintendo releasing Mario Allstars - or for that matter the later Mario Allstars + Mario World. Not unless they upped the price - no way would they sell 4 (5 with +MW) games for £5.60
I don't think people would complain if it worked out cheaper than buying the games individually, provided it wasn't THAT much cheaper. But how expensive could they make it before people said "forget it"?



Dark_Jedi said:

It would of been so cool to of played SOR2 over the bank holiday, Been looking forward to it since The US got it.




Shiro_Makoto said:

When I saw Super Mario Bros. 2, I was like yay, finally! Until I realised it wasn't the japanese version



Jamie said:

Yeah for a second i thought it was going to be the Japanese version, seeing as it was released there this month.

Something tells me we won't ever see that over here, or if we do I reckon they will make us wait for it



Drake said:

SMRPG is not gonna come for months. Believe me. Stop getting your hopes up.



Shrapnel09 said:

Original? super mario 2 is a sad story really... this game is actually just a graphics hack of nintendo's Doki Doki Panic in japan. they just threw mario's name in the title to sell more copies.

Dont believe me? type in Doki Doki Panic in google and you will find your answer. Still im getting this once it gets released in the US, fun game either way... just not an original mario game at all.



JODIsBack said:

SMB2 is a very great game indeed, but it definetely shouldn't MORE than make up for Europe not getting Streets of Rage 2.



Bass_X0 said:

I'd hardly say Super Mario Bros. 2 was a "sad story". It was more a case of Nintendo needing to release a game when none was available (the real Mario 2 being unsuitable because of its difficulty). Doki Doki Panic was probably unlikely to get a release in the U.S. as it was... so I'd say Nintendo made the right decision making Mario 2 a "graphics hack" of DDP.

As for Super Mario All*Stars... I'd say probably sometime next year when nobody is downloading the NES Mario trio. It would hardly annoy anyone when the NES series is considered "old news" on Virtual Console.



Marioman64 said:

i think that people would buy all-stars for the cool graphics, color, and other little things. or just because its nintendo, YAY NINTENDO!

George said:
"this means SMW2 for the states monday "

ZOMG RLY? awesome! that game has really great replay value, with the getting 100 on each course and unlocking new courses and 1-up mini-games and then beating those courses 100% too.

so awesome ^.^



Shrapnel09 said:

Alright Bass X0, you can sugar coat this by saying the real Mario 2 was too difficult which is understandable. But still the game Super Mario 2 is a lie. While i did play this a lot as a child and as fun as it was (after some getting used to) this ISNT a mario game in my book, its just a completely different game with mario's face. The only thing holding this together is that shiggy designed both of them.

As far as it being unlikely to be released in the US: im sure there are a thousand japanese games that wouldnt get released here in the US (or anywhere else), it doesnt justify Nintendo changing the sprites and tweaking the gameplay and calling it "Super Mario 2" as if it was any different.

And for all the All Stars comments, i wouldnt get all stars if they offered it at launch. I am an extreme purist with Virtual Console, and i want everything to be exactly the way it was when playing these games as a kid, i didnt need any souped up version of the originals with flashy new graphics and sound. But ofcourse that doesnt apply to everyone.



RoninDennis said:

"Super Mario 2 is a lie". Hahahaha, no offense, but to speak with Junkyard Willie, 'save da drama for yo mama'! Makes me think of the time a guy came into our bookstore looking for a book on trout. When I suggested some titles, he spat 'NO! I've read those books, they lie! They tell lies about the trout, NO!'

OT: I wouldn't buy All Stars, it was fine at the time but now that I'm able to own the originals again, I prefer them by a landslide. All Stars didn't play as good as the originals, the music lost its edge and some of the sound effects were... weird (for example, jumping on Goombas in SMB1 - what was THAT all about?).



Faithful_Dragon said:

Even though I own the origional NES cartridge im still getting this game for the Wii. This way I'll never spend an extra 10 minutes trying to get my NES up and running and finding the perfecy place to position the game cartridge. Anyone who owns an NES should know what I'm talking about.



Jamie said:

I agree about prefering to own the originals rather than Mario Allstars. I just hope we get Super Mario 2 (Jap) aka the lost levels. Although I can't see that happening any time soon if not at all



calcifer said:

Im trying to rationalise people being disappointed with the release of super mario 2. I really am. Doki doki panic with mario visuals,...
Ok. So? It's not like most people didn't know about that for AGES. It doesn't change the playability nor the originality of this title one bit. What you get is some vintage Myamoto magic. And Birdo.

Everytime Nintendo tries something a bit different with one of their franchises the hordes are ready to dismiss it. Look at the universally reviled Zelda 2 for instance... Also brilliant, but different.



TheNintendoBoy said:

^ While I tend to agree with these comments, Zelda 2 was Not brilliant. There are better games in the genre, like Gargoyle's Quest 2, Blaster Master, Wonder Boy 3..

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