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Europe VC Releases - 16th May - DK Surprise!

Posted by Darren Calvert

Nintendo of Europe certainly like to keep us on our toes! To prove they don't hate you as some suspect today two surprise games are added to the Euro VC Shop. It's good news for everyone that Donkey Kong 2 is up on the VC channel, this game builds on the outstanding SNES original. It's even better dare we say it!

Less enthusiasm might be found for NES game Mario & Yoshi (just known as Yoshi in the USA), it would be a mistake to overlook this cheeky puzzler but it is not really in the league of the big boys like Tetris and Dr Mario which are the better falling block games on the NES.

I love a good surprise!

Check out this weeks reviews here:

Donkey Kong 2 - SNES - 800 Points

Mario & Yoshi - NES - 500 Points

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yeehaw said:

Wow, 2 games, and it's not even Friday yet, I just remembered why I love Nintendo so much xD. BTW, we're still getting games this Friday, right?



Dazza said:

I think this may be in place of Friday's games to be honest! Many parts of Europe have the Ascension day holiday so Nintendo may have launched a preemptive strike!



Harthacnut said:

I hope this isn't a pre-emptive strike on nintendos behalf, otherwise that means weve had a lousy two titles per week for the past fortnight and its not a trend i want to see continued. However if we do get some on friday, then fanatstic, more the merrier



Craig20 said:

It's ten past 3 in the morning (17th May) and it would appear that us in the UK are going to have to wait until Friday.

__Burning Death


Burning Death said:

Seems like Nintendo have noticed their fault with releasing new virtual games on wednesday and quickly undo their fault. The two new games are no longer in the Wii Shop, sorry guys you're too late!



Drake said:

They were up everywhere in Europe yesterday. It seems Nintendo decided to wait a bit longer. Those people that downloaded either game can still play them though.



RGVEDA said:


here in Germany there are no new games for the VC. It seems that we will get the games tomorrow!




Bass_X0 said:

==Where the hell is Ninja Gaiden?==

Its never going to come to Europe. You may be interested in Shadow Warriors when it gets here though.



GiD* said:

In norway the 17.May is the national-day, and maybee thats why we got the games before today.

Anyone know when metroid is comming?



ehawk said:

what is the point in removing them? I love living in europe nintendo's ground



Mega_X_Gundam said:

man I'd be happier if they released one game a day then have to wait for maybe two every week. nuts to this.



Bass_X0 said:

They were probably put up too early than they were supposed to which is why they were taken down. And they'd run out of games in a few months if they put one up every day. There's a reason they're delaying games we want.



poprockskill666 said:

I hope they change their minds and bring out Streets of Rage 2 insted on friday its all ive wanted since the first one was released



BJ1 said:

AAAWWWWW! You Europeans are SO lucky! That's my favorite game out of the Country series. For those who bought Donkey Kong Country, this title will NOT disappointed you! You will more than likely, like this title better! You may even LOVE it! Nintendo, let us know when the US gets this game.



Oui_Oui said:

Damn.... Donkey Kong Country 2 is one of the best games ever..... and Mario and Yoshi kept me hooked for ages! (Even though I thought it was a platformer when I got it on the Gameboy...)

Download DKC2 Now! ^.^



RGVEDA said:

The Releasedates are now wrong! They have to change it to the 18th of may




Dazza said:

The release dates we have listed are correct. It's not our fault Nintendo took them back down again like plonkers after about 12 hours! lol



Shiyo said:

Oh snap! DKC2 is great!

I actually never owned this game and haven't had the oppertunity to play it often, so I downloaded it and it's awesome. Wonderful platformer. Tons of secrets. And pretty tough, too. o_O Or maybe I'm just getting old..



The_shoemaker said:

So DKC2 can already come out but its not gonna and Nintendo's going put on the coming soon list for months when they can put it out right now?



Indecipherable said:

please. please let North America get Donkey Kong Country two tomorrow. I would be the second happiest kid in the world. Actually, third happiest kid in the world. Lucky UK people. Mario and Yoshi sucks, and it was only two games.



Drake said:

I'll give you DKC2 if you give us Super Paper Mario and Elite Beat Agents.

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