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Armageddon Offline

Posted by Sammy Barker

The Playstation 2 and XBOX versions of Mortal Kombat: Amageddon allowed players to compete in online multiplayer - so why has this feature been stripped from the Wii version.

"Obviously we had online on other platforms so it wasn't going to be a technology challenge for us," said the game's producer, Shaun Himmerick, to "Nintendo didn't have their online system ready for us when we would have needed to implement it," he continued.

Apparently Nintendo have been keeping hold of the online tools for themselves in order to develop their new Mario Strikers game. Ironically, Armageddon will see a UK release after Mario Strikers which goes on sale later this month.

To compensate Himmerick went on to state:

"That is a big reason we focused on giving the single player experience even more attention to perfect the new controls system, the addition of Endurance mode and an additional Kharacter."

The game will be released early June.


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Damo said:

When will Nintendo learn that they need to support 3rd parties in order to succeed? Sony made sure that 3rd party developers had all the tools they needed during the PSX and PS2 era. Nintendo shouldn't be withholding any tools. It just smacks of greed on their part, but the GameCube proved that Nintendo's games alone aren't always enough to make a console successful.

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