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Wii's Friend Code Woes

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Details emerge of Nintendo's approach to online games for Wii, like the DS but even worse.

From a recent preview posted on British Gaming Blog we learn that Mario Strikers Charged (Wii's first online game in the West) will adopt the painful friendcode system, not only this but each Mii will have their own friendcode.

"You import your Mii in Strikers, and get a friend code per Mii. This way, you and your family can have different friends to play with online. It is also shown which of your friends are online."

Whilst I'm actually looking forward to this game (its original isn't half bad) I can't help that feel Nintendo could really do better with its online system, c'mon guys do you really expect us to keep a trail of unmemorable numbers for every game? Isn't gamertag a good enough example to base the system on? Oh well.


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get2sammyb said:

I mean - the friend codes system obviously sucks - but one friend code per Wii would at least be more acceptable. Per game is awful.



Nanaki said:

Yeah, per game is rubbish.

The friend code system is really letting Nintendo's online service down. The amount of friends I have yet to add to my Wii because no one can remember their code is silly.

Goodness knows why they could not have gamertags like Microsoft have done. That seems to work fine and there have been no issues with the system.



Masterless said:

I may have interpreted it wrong but doesn't it say each 'Mii' will have its own code? Hopefully the Mii will keep the code from game to game, so only 1 code will be needed to be remembered.
Although the whole system is stupid.

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