Wii And DS Connectivity Inevitable?

A hidden object in Super Paper Mario hints at future connectivity between the Wii and the Nintendo DS.

Super Paper Mario is already gaining a reputation of being hidden with little treats and one such gamer has found a Nintendo DS hidden within the game. On clicking it a message appears stating "Awaiting Data Upgrade".

Will a Wii update in the very near future allow us to send data to our DS? Well...

UPDATE 15:09

... not according to Joystiq.com. According to Joystiq.com the DS simply updates as you collect one of the 96 hidden recipe cards within the game. Therefore this has nothing to do with connectivity between DS and Wii.

I guess it's worth pointing out that Nintendo have heavily promoted connectivity between their console and handheld before and for this connectivity to have seemingly gone unnoticed would have been a little unorthodox

[via joystiq.com]