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NeoGeo on the Wii - SNK Speaks!

Posted by Damien McFerran

We mentioned the rather exciting fact that NeoGeo games would be coming to the VC a few weeks back, and now SNK have revealed a little more about their download plans.

Speaking to IGN, SNK Playmore USA president Ben Herman confirmed that big releases such as King of Fighters will be coming to the Wii for 'just over' the current price of SNES/Megadrive titles (about $8).

How SNK will get around the fact that your average NeoGeo game is much larger than a SNES or Megadrive title has not been revealed, but if they're talking about doing it, they must be able to. However, Nintendo will have to address the space issue in regards to the Wii's internal memory - being able to actually run VC games from an SD card (rather than just use it to store them, as is the case now) is going to be a must when some of the bigger NeoGeo titles are made available.

The recent release of the Wii Metal Slug collection sadly means that we might not be seeing any MS games for a while, but there are more then enough decent NeoGeo games out there to keep us happy. From the comments made by Herman, it looks like the company is serious about making this a success.

Seeing how NeoGeo titles still command very high prices even today, this is something of a coup for Wii owners!

Thanks go to VCA community member DEMON212 for the heads up on this!

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Kelvin said:

Due to the price of the games, I never got into the Neo Geo the first time around. So it'll be interesting to see what's on offer now.

I'm still angling for Master System support though!



DJ_Philanegro said:

Omg, that's so cool! So we're finally going to get some more fighting games on the VC...I'll gladly buy an SD card for some King of Fighters!



RMA said:

Hmmmm...king of fighters...fatal fury...SNK vs Capcom...

Had one friend with parents who spoiled him enough to have these and from memory these were the pick of the bunch...can't wait to see what they'll come up with.



Kevin said:

i never played a neo geo game. What are some great games for it?



Kelvin said:

Did the Neo Geo have any games of note that weren't fighting games? It's not my favourite genre, to be honest.



DEMON212 said:

I said first news because to me, it's the first official news. Before that it was still a dream/rumour I think (unless I missed something that is). Now I just hope the other rumours are true, eh guys?

__Shiyojin Rommyu


Shiyojin Rommyu said:

The Neo Geo has some of my most favorite games. It's got some awesome shmups and fighting games on them. I can't wait to see what we'll be treated to, since I've only played a handful of games on the system.

I'm personally getting a little tired of Metal Slug though.



DEMON212 said:

I just bought the collection on the PSP so that i'd have a real control setup for it, and I beat all 7 in a week pretty much. So i'm with ya Shiyo.



Don-Bon said:

I could not be more apathetic about this subject. NeoGeo was never much of a big deal for me.
The only thing I am glad for is that the Wii is getting backed up by more and more systems/companies.



Harthacnut said:

Can't believe no one has mentioned Viewpoint, if they bring that to VC it will be awesome!!



Bass_X0 said:

At least we won't be subjected to the poor quality ports of the NeoGeo games that we saw on the MegaDrive and SNES.



Starwolf_UK said:

In that interview they said things about 2 a month and 120 games.

Well doing the maths they have 5 years worth of games. So don't worry about them finishing...the list might even out-live the Wii But then again the Neo-Geo knows alot about living



Damo said:

Don-Bon - shame you feel that way, NeoGeo stuff is generally excellent, easily more impressive software than what can be found on the MD and SNES (although the output is skewed towards arcade-style games like shooters and fighters).

If SNK bring games like Fatal Fury 2, Samural Shodow, Pulstar, Viewpoint, Magican Lord, Nam 1975, 2020 Baseball, Soccer Brawl, Top Hunter, and the entire KOF series, then there will be some VERY happy Wii owners out there.



Don-Bon said:

Damo - No doubt there are good games on it. I did not choose my words carefully. I should have just said I am only excited for a few games.



DEMON212 said:

I've never played them either, so i'll try a few. But I know i'm not a fan of the KOF series. Which means i'll probably hate Fatal Fury too.



DEMON212 said:

People have probably posted this already about what games are out (i've been to busy playing them, lol) but we got Lylat and DK.j Math.

It says that it "supports Wii component cable interlace mode" for DK.j. WTF is that?

Unfortunatly Lylat has no save 4 missions done for nothing. That's really lame.

Solar's boss wrecked my thumb so I had to switch off Button bashing "A" begins to really hurt you see. I was up to Macbeth with the Landmaster too

Well, I said that we wouldn't get Lylat and we did.

So, next week I don't think that we're gonna get ZAMN and I think we'll have to wait ages for it. I also don't think that we're gonna get SOR 2 or Pilotwings.

I won't complain for weeks wither if we don't, I can't be bothered with complaining anymore.

(You think it worked? That's everything I said before this weeks VC launch)



Shiro_Makoto said:

Um, SNK vs. Capcom wasn't very good, can't wait for the KOF games though, probably just gonna download maybe KOF '98 or '99.



RMA said:

Ash - I know SNK vs. Capcom has a pretty poor reputation - I enjoyed it the few times I played it and would download it, though it may be more to do with the buzz of using Sagat to knock Kyo about!



pizzadude said:

Excellent news, I guess that will spare us from having to endure the "amazing" Takara ports from the early 90's.



Jonny said:

As long as they release Magical Drop and Last Blade 1 & 2, I'll be happy



Frolicols said:

I can't believe all these Neo Goe games are being mentioned, and Windjammers wasn't amongst them! It was such a simple game, but great fun! 2-player was fab too.



EnglishRob said:

Great news, I can't wait to play some Neo Geo goodness. I'm certainly looking forward to Ninja Combat, League Bowling, Soccer Brawl, Robo Army, Sengoku... ahh the list goes on.


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