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First NiGHTs Screenshots

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Sega have released a small batch of screenshots from their upcoming sequel to NiGHTS into Dreams.

Whilst we don't have any firm release date for the Sega title, the speed of which Sonic and the Secret Rings was released, its likely that the game will be out this year.

It's got alot to live upto and these first screenshots are certainly promising, it seems to be in much the same vein as the original. The main point of interest will be how the game plays, little is known about the gameplay dynamics at this time, but this title is truly one to watch.


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Damo said:

Awesome - but I wish Wii games looked a little more attractive! It's hard to get excited about shots like these when you compare them to what 360 and PS3 owners are currently enjoying in terms of visuals...



Masterless said:

I never played the original, on the saturn right?, but I know know I wanted to. This time around I'll definitely get it, I think it looks perty.



Damo said:

Do yourself a favour and get a second hand Saturn and a copy of the first game, it will be ideal training for this version!

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