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Europe VC Releases - 27th April - Final Fight

Posted by Darren Calvert

Hot on the heels of Sega's classic Streets of Rage a few weeks ago Nintendo now bring the original classic that inspired it in the shape of Final Fight. Whilst this isn't a perfect arcade conversion (it's only 1 player and only has Cody and Haggar, no Guy character) at the time this home conversion set the gaming world alight. We will leave you to make your own conclusions on if this is the better scrolling beat em up than Streets of Rage.

To contrast this ballsy arcade classic is the quirky and fun Battle Lode Runner on the TG-16. It's classic puzzle/platformfooder and well worth a look.

A gaming anomaly in the shape of Mighty Bomb Jack is also out today. It takes the original arcade Bomb Jack formula of tactical bomb collecting in order to get the best score and mixes it with a generic platform game. The results are needless to say not outstanding!

Final Fight - SNES - 800 Points

Battle Lode Runner - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Points

Mighty Bomb Jack - NES - 500 Points

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Frolicols said:

SoR for teh win, pwning the newbs etc etc.

Final Fight was good, but SoR2 was the mac daddy.



Eva said:

Against SNES Final Fight? Streets of Rage easily. Otherwise I'd go with Final Fight without a doubt.
When I saw Final Fight was coming to the SNES it was exciting and even though it had a character missing, a stage missing and was only one player, it was still appealing. Still I ultimately passed on it back then and will do so again now. I'll save my cash for the sequels.



easycruise said:

Yes!! Final Fight, my fav beat 'em up in the arcade, gotta get home now and download it. Just one thing has the female villan sprites been changed to men like on the GBA version?



Bass_X0 said:

Easy, the GBA game has male sprites instead of female sprites BECAUSE of the SNES game. The GBA game was an enhanced port of the SNES game and they didn't change the sprites back. I couldn't really recommend the SNES Final Fight when the GBA one is just as cheap and the PS2, if you have one, has an arcade perfect game in one of the Capcom Collection titles.



Kelvin said:

Although it must be said, excellent as it is, SoR2 doesn't have random automobile violence.



StuO said:

1 player final fight sucks imo! Quality game on the aracade but like so many Wii titles the fun comes from playing it with a friend!!



Mart said:

agreed, this would be a no-brainer if it were 2 player enabled. personally i'll be hanging on for SOR2 but still an excellent release for the single player.



Final Fight Snes is pointless really when an arcade perfect version is on PS2. If you don't have a PS2 and have no intention of getting one only then is Final Fight Snes worth getting. To be honest if you want the proper proper arcade version you have to get the Japanese version of Capcom Classic Collection on PS2 as it has the uncut Japanese arcade version with the bra pic at the start.



easycruise said:

You're absolutely right, Capcom Classics was an immense release... But nothing beats a bit of Mame action with a 2-player X-arcade stick

Remember the little tune Final Fight played when you put a credit in? Every day, all our lunch money went on that darn machine till we completed it.



I love the tune and played it to death in the lobby at Butlins Skegness as a kid.

I love the continue screen with the dynamite too.

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